Shawn Kemp, Pulling Out, & Rule 48

“The Raptors find their man, Tim Hudson is the man, and both men, and I use the term loosely, are back in the building!”

It’s Tuesday Tim and Sidizens and welcome back for another edition of Tim and Sid: Uncut. Uncle Timmy is back from his flu-like symptoms, Sid’s back from vacation, Bronsteter is behind the glass, and a “starving for vacation” John Noon is present. Topics up for grabs today include: Hanley Ramirez, Pau Gasol, Josh Smith, Flu-Like Symptoms, Winnipeg, Ricky Rubio, Albert Pujols, Roger Goodell, Headshots, and Dwane Casey. Today was an interesting day as both Tim and Sid seemed to flow into numerous topics, rapid fire style. So the outline of this review will look a little different as they sometimes only spent a couple of mintues on each topic. I’d probably call it a good warm-up before the Dwane Casey interview.

Awkward Beginnings
If you haven’t noticed, but at the beginning of each show lately, Tim will throw in “Newfoundland” and mention the time zone. Now that the guys are on a first name basis with Bob Cole, it’s important to do so. They get into a little discussion of how the beginning of the interview with Bob was awkward and Tim compares it to his interview with Marc Crawford while Sid was away. But that sort of thing happens from time to time in radio. I know when I called into Tout Telephones, there was a weird pause prior to coming on air and it caught me off guard. Nothing the boys can do…remember their marconi phone interview with Ariel Helwani?

Raptors Central
“We’re becoming Raptors Central here.” And that’s no lie; Jay Triano was on the show this year, Amir Johnson stopped by, Bryan Colangelo called in, and now today the boys will be speaking with Dwane Casey. If you’re a fan of this show and a Raptors fan, it’s a double win.

Hangovers & Flu-like Symptoms
Tim was sick yesterday and discussed how he found it funny that they usually rip on a guy for being sick due to flu-like symptoms. In the past, both Tim and Sid have said that when a guy calls in with that excuse, it’s because he’s dealing with a hangover. “Sounds like you had a great Father’s Day.”, replied Bronsteter.

Shawn Kemp & Pullin’ Out
And speaking of Father’s Day, it’s also known as Shawn Kemp Day for some. The ex-NBAer has a shit load of kids out, and most likely from numerous baby mommas. “For Shawn, there’s another 20 or so that he doesn’t know about.”, said Seixeiro. “The guy doesn’t know how to pull out.” They also discuss how Kemp could be the ugliest basketball player out there and his weight issues. “His ass was the size of the key.”

Tim and Sid: Uncut Blackberry Podcast
Sid brought up the fact that he mentioned to his wife Monday night that he cracked on the shitty performances by the VJ’s on the MMVA’s Red Carpet. Sid’s wife asked if she could hear the podcast, but when he tried to download it on his blackberry, it didn’t work. From what I could gather Sid, sometimes there’s updates for Apps, and you might have to reload it. Then again, 200 employees of RIM were laid off here in Waterloo – they could be fuckin’ with the system. It’s also interesting to note that, according to Aaron, the MMVA’s was the most watched show of the night, along with record numbers for the Red Carpet Special. Lady Gaga and Selena Gomez definitely helped with that because the VJ’s sure as shit didn’t do anyting spectacular.

Dwane Casey Raptor Press Conference
The guys got into a little pre-Dwane Casey Interview chat and discussed his press conference from earlier in the day. Sid felt Dwane said the right things and got the impression from Casey that “it’s his way or the highway.” Seixeiro also thought it was telling that the first Raptor out of Casey’s mouth today was DeMar DeRozan – DeRozan sounds like he’ll the #1 guy on this team.Tim also feels there’s still much work to do with the team but is anticipating an exciting year of Raptor basketball.

NBA Trade Rumour Mill
With the upcoming draft, there are lots of proposed trade rumours surrounding players and teams. First off, there’s rumours that the Lakers are looking to trade Pau Gasol for Kevin Love and the No.2 pick in the draft. Sid found it funny that people are considering the Lakers old and not entirely sure that you blow this team up. However, if it’s Mike Brown that’s calling the shots now, he may want to put his thumbprint on this team. The guys also found it funny that Pau wants to stay in L.A. even after what went down between himself, the girlfriend, and Mrs. Bryant supposedly. It sounds like he’s sticking with the ladies rather than play with Rubio. Sid also made a good point about the trade in regards to the fact of whether or not Love will resign with the team, “If you don’t think Love is coming back, you trade him.” Both Tim and Sid also found it funny that Minnesota would have to sell this possible trade and combo of Gasol and Rubio as the “Spanish Armada” to the fans – pretty hard to do if you ask me.

NBA Board of Governors Meeting
Well, the NBA lockout continues to loom over everyone’s head and the NBA threw out an offer yesterday. According to the San Jose Mercury News, “The NBA’s latest counterproposal, which followed a proposal from the union earlier in the day, is a salary-cap system based on the same principles as the NHL’s “flex” system. With the “flex cap,” teams would target a uniform dollar amount to spend, but would still be permitted to exceed it up to an unspecified level.” Both guys can’t fathom the idea of a work stoppage in the NBA; who could blame them? After the season we witnessed, it would be a complete shame for that shit to go down. Right now, it looks like the league put out a hardcap of $69 million and we’re left waiting to see how the Player’s Union responds.

NHL Board of Governors and Rule 48
Just like the NBA, the NHL also held their Board of Governors meeting this afternoon. Among many of the items on the table, Tim and Sid focused on the changes to Rule 48. Last year, Rule 48 dealt only with “lateral or blind side” hits, language that has been stricken from the rule book. But this year, taken from New York Times, “Rule 48 now bans all hits “where the head is targeted and the principal point of contact,” although it is up to the referees to determine whether the victim of such a hit “put himself in a vulnerable position immediately prior to or simultaneously with the hit or the head contact on an otherwise legal body check was unavoidable.” According to Tim, “As long as it’s clear, I don’t give a shit.”

Sid Seixeiro’s Work Attire
It sounded like Sid came into the office today wearing a white shirt with black pants. “He looks like a choir boy.”, said Noon.

Interesting Facts From the Man, Rob Pizzo
Before Pizzo gets into his update, he congratulates the guys on finally getting back together. “Reunited and it feels so good”, replied Pizzo. It’s true, with Sid on holiday, it’s been awhile since they’ve all been together. They also discuss a little bit about yesterday’s Rory McIlroy golfing win and then rag on Hainser about whether or not the guy can play golf – and not The Golden Tee – real golf. “Can you picture Hainser on a golf course”, said Pizzo. “I can’t picture Hainser kissing a girl. Both require finding a hole.”, replied Sid.
1. Former New York Giants wide receiver, David Tyree just made some douche comments. According to Tyree, “I would give up my Super Bowl win to end gay marriage.” Someone needs to learn what to say to the media and what to keep to yourself.
2. A TMZ cameraman made the mistake of calling Greg Oden, LeBron James.the other night. Give Leg Oden credit, he brushed it off with class.

Tim and Sid Interview Dwane Casey
* Check out the full transcript of the interivew in the blog entry below.
Some thoughts from the guys after the Dwane Casey interview.
1. Sid was surprised that Dwane called them men.
2. Casey’s comments on Andrea Bargnani was an interesting point of the interview.
3. Sid believes Casey will give Andrea a year before he thinks about doing anything (i.e. moving/trading him)
4. At the press conference, Casey said the only thing he can control with the guys is minutes.
5. Tim likes this hiring better than Lawrence Frank. “I think you need a leader of men.” 
6. It will be interesting to find out how much Casey will make as Jay Triano was one of the lowest paid coaches in the NBA.
7. According to Tim, it souned like Casey’s choices were Toronto and Detroit.

Rapid Fire
I have no idea where Bronsteter got these questions, but this segment was hilarious. Glad to see them having fun the game, Either OR.
Chocolate Milk or a Vanilla Milkshake? If I had to pick one, I’d go with Chocolate Milk….I’m not a fan of the Vanilla – never was.
– Most Foss Hobby, Stamp Collecting or Train Collecting? I’ve never done either and but have you seen the money that people rake in for those collections. Check out Pawn Stars – it only comes on 5 times a day on the History Channel 😛
– Better Tennis Surface, Grass or Clay? Clay is messy shit – Grass can be cleaned off easily with hair spray. However, near the end of some tourneys, grass does starting looking a little thin.
– Better Gum flavour, Spearmint or Peppermint? At this point of the show, Sid ran out of the booth in disgust of the awful line of questioning. Entertainment right there. I’m going with Spearmint.

Extended Rapid Fire
(Remember, this is only my opinion on what they might have talked about) Items missed on today’s show included:

1. Hanley Ramirez: Logan Morrison called out the struggling hitter because he was the last one to show up for McKeon’s first address to the team. Morrison went on to tell Ramirez that his tardiness could be why he’s only hitting .200.
2. Winnipeg: The NHL Board of Governors confirm the new Winnipeg franchise.
3. Albert Pujols: Pujols was injured over the weekend and it looks like he’s out 4-6 weeks with a broken left forearm.
4. Roger Goodell: On Wednesday, Roger Goodell, some players, and league officials are meeting in hopes of figuring out a new labour deal.

Sweet, sweet show boys. You usually hit a homer when you’re hosting the show by yourselves, but when combined, it’s utter brilliance. Like anything, having someone to play off one another definitely helps with conversation flow and topic transitions. Obviously the highlight of the show was the Dwane Casey interview. Huge kudos to Bronsteter for getting him on the show and even bigger kudos to Tim and Sid for the interview. It was obviously well-planned and I appreciated the #realtalk with him. If anything, I think he should remember who you guys are and I can picture him showing up as a guest on Tim and Sid: Uncut again in the near future. Huge thanks for doing the interview. Everything in the show A++. The Rapid Fire quesitons, the multiple topics, and even Pizzo Update. The Greg Oden story was Gold. Good Tuesday boys 10/10.


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