“As Long As We Got Each Other” & Toilet Etiquette

“Tony Parker in Toronto, the NHL Awards tonight (they’re happening tonight?), and eating on the toilet? Famous run that bitch…”

Happy Hump Day Tim and Sidizens, it’s the middle of the week and Friday beers on the patio can’t come soon enough. Tim sounds pretty pumped for the upcoming NHL Awards, Sid can’t believe that Tim ad-libed the intro., and both Bronsteter and Noon are available for comments. On today’s episode, topics up for discussion include: Ilya Bryzgalov, Bart Scott, Tony Parker, Can’t Wait, NFL Network, Sidney Crosby, Steve Nash, Milos Raonic, the Dodgers, Plaxico Burress, and Cut or Uncut.

Tiki Barber’s NBC Stint and Infidelity
The guys didn’t waste anytime in getting in sports today and the first item up for the boys was Barber’s recent interview with Mike Francesca, a New York radio host. According to Sid, “The gist of where it got interesting was when Mike called out Tiki for being a shitty broadcaster.” Francesca went on to say that the guys at NBC felt Tiki felt entitled and did a bad job on the air. Of course Barber fired back some shots, but Sid felt it was interesting that Mike would take jabs at the broadcasting career rather than “go after him for the infidelity accusation and leaving his wife for a blonde whore at NBC.” Interesting radio to say the least. You can hear the exchange of heated words here. Also of interest, this Mark character, Barber’s agent sounds like a weasel.

CUT or UNCUT: Eating On The Toilet?
This afternoon, Tim and Sid received an email from a loyal Tim and Sidizen that asked the simple question: Cut or Uncut: Eating on the toilet? Sid’s pretty convinced that’s not even a question; you don’t go near the bathroom with food, “Who the fuck eats on the toilet?”, Sid. Tim however, sounds reluctant about saying a complete CUT and believes that everyone sometime in their life has at least eaten on the toilet one time – whether you are 6 or 36. Sure Tim believes he ate a popsicle yesterday while taking a piss. “And what about finger foods?”, said Micallef. He’s belief is that there had to be a time when you had chips in your hand at a game and had to rush to the bathroom. But Sid is not budging.

Hainser’s Corner
Bronsteter then brings up the idea that they should have an impromptu Hainser’s Corner and find out if he’s ever eaten food while on the shitter. According to Sid, “If there’s one guy that might have stooped to this level, it would be Hainser. To me, this is the lead over the NHL Awards.”

* Check the earlier blog entry for the full transcript of Hainser’s Corner

The guys can’t get over the fact that Hainser doesn’t eat on the can; it’s unbelievable! They then get into a discussion on what they think goes through Hainser’s mind each and every day. Tim and Sid throw out some cartoony, circus tunes that might run through his head, but Noon suggests that Hainser reminds him of the monkey from the Simpsons. (I think it might have been from the episode below)

Tony Park, Steve Nash, & Rumours Be Poppin’
As mentioned yesterday, with the upcoming NBA draft, rumours about trades is rampant. Today was no different with the news that both Tony Parker and Steve Nash could be moving. “This NBA draft could be juicy.”, said Tim. Apparently, there are rumours that Minnesota could be looking at acquiring Nash for the No. 2 selection in the draft. Sid doesn’t think there’s anyway that this is going to happen, “There’s no way he’s going to Minnesota. Is it #freenash or #sendstevenashtopurgatory?”. Between yesterday’s rumours of Pau Gasol going to Minnesota, and now Nash, it’s quite obvious that a lot of teams want that No. 2 pick – a lot of people like Derrick Williams.

In regards to the Tony Parker rumours, the boys feel that this one could have some legs. Parker was recently quoted as saying that the Spurs are no longer able to compete for a Championship. Strong words of someone looking to move if you ask me, or at least be dealt. And allegedly, one of the teams that have been served up Parker is our very own Toronto Raptors. Obviously, if the Raptors get Parker, the No. 5 pick will be included in the deal. Tim can see how the deal could help the team now, but there’s no way it’s designed for success in the long run. While Parker still has some years left in him, he’s no Derrick Williams.

The guys also discuss the possibilty of Andrea Bargnani being moved in a couple of days. Tim’s gut is telling him that Colangelo is going to pull the trigger on another big deal, sooner than later, A key reason for this was the recent press conference announcing the hiring of Dwane Casey. Bargnani’s name wasn’t mentioned by either Casey or Colangelo during the whole thing unless it was asked about by the media. The name that did come out of Casey’s mouth without hesitation was DeMar DeRozan. Tim stands by the fact that something is up with Bargnani – he could be on the outs with the team or he’s gone. “Why not roll with those three guys and Bargnani?”. Near the end of the discussion, both guys believe that the team should just put the Parker rumours to rest and see what can happen with Davis, DeRozan, the No. 5, and Bargnani. “There’s a lot of people in Raptor Nation that got a hold of this and got a little moist. I just don’t see it.”, replied Sid.

The Hype Around Drafts
Both Tim and Sid then flow into conversation about how people can really see how a kid could be determined a 3rd Overall pick, not to mention a lottery pick. Especially if the scouts, GM’s, and whoever have only seen the kid play a couple of good games. It’s crazy. According to Tim, “The leagues make you think that drafts are the biggest thing ever.” They then compare the NBA draft to the NFL draft and suggest that both are just as hyped. “Mel Kiper can go fuck himself. Your going to hear a lot of guys tell you how good a seletion is going to be, fuck that!”, replied Sid. And Uncle Timmy agreed, “The hype around the NFL drafts are bullshit.” Here’s good little clip from ’94 of Bill Tobin pissin’ on Mel Kiper Jr.

Interesting Facts From Pizzo’s Update
While introducing Pizzo, Bronsteter plays the shitter soundbite from Dumb and Dumber. The guys discuss the CUT or UNCUT question from earlier a bit more. Pizzo still can’t get over the fact that Tim is suggesting that eating on the toilet has happened at least once for everyone. Pizzo ain’t buying the “living with lots of brothers” story either.
1. Ian Ritchie, the Chief Executive of the All England Lawn Tennis Club, has said that the noise/grunts from women is ruining the game of tennis. Ritchie has apparently received an increase of letters from fans and media. “Can I be honest with you Pizz. I’m turned on right now.” replied Sid.

2. The Cleveland Browns Josh Cribbs recently got a parking ticket while getting his haircut at the barbershop. Since there was still 8 minutes left on the metre, he’s taking the parking ticket to court. Pretty funny for a guy who’s in the middle of a $20 Million contract.
3. The wedding of Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian will be shown on television and it looks like Ryan Seacrest Productions is trying to secure the deal to film the wedding.

#GruntsMoreThanFemaleTennisPlayers & Steve Nash Re-Visited
Tim wanted to touch on the Steve Nash rumours again but before he had a chance to, he noticed that some Tim and Sidizens had already started their own match game on twitter. _____ #gruntsmorethanfemaletennisplayers. Some great answers on twitter included:
– Hainser on the toilet on a Friday night
– Rick Ross
– Seixeiro on a Diet
– Sid’s barber trimming his eyebrows
– Sid’s Chair
– Rick Majerus (Tim takes offence here and asks the people that they stop making fun of Rick Majerus)
I think Tim has a soft spot for Majerus because Tim mentioned, “Remember the letter he wrote me?”. “He wanted to date you.”, replied Sid. I have no idea what the letter was about but I’m guessing he was giving Tim kudos for his work at the Score.

The boys finally get into the Nash trade rumours again and discuss how people are very interested in the ability of him getting a ring with a contender. And who could blame them? After watching Dirk get one last week, you kind of felt bad for Nash. However, the theory of Steve going to a contender contradicts with his statements that he’s going to stay in Phoenix until he’s done his contract. While the Suns probably do owe it to Nash to send him to a contender, let’s hope there’s no Minnesota in the picture. Seixeiro brings up an interesting point here too. He wonders if Steve is actually in a rush to leave; maybe he wants to play out his career in Phoenix? Sid doesn’t know if the hunger for the ring or his day-to-day thinking is the same. Some good things to ponder Sid. 

Canadians Alex Trebek vs. Alan Thicke

Huge debate here Tim and Sidizens! The guys originally get into a conversation about the NHL Awards, but then it turns into a debate of how huge of a celebrity Alan Thicke actually was. For those that know, Alan Thicke and Alex Trebek have both hosted the NHL Awards in the past. Sid mentions that the last time he was very interested in the NHL Awards was when Alan Thicke was the host. Sid seems to think highly of Alan, “He was the man, he was huge.” Tim however, seems to disagree, “He was huge to 12 year olds that watched Growing Pains.”

Sid’s not buying it though because he feels that Growing Pains was a huge show on a cable network. Noon had a great response here, “So let’s get this correct, Alan Thicke was huge to 12 year olds.?” But it sounds like none of the guys are buying it, “It doesn’t mean they were huge stars because we watched them growing up.”, replied Tim. It’s a pretty funny debate and I’d advise that you listen to the podcast because I can’t do it justice here.

Rapid Fire
With the huge Alan Thicke popularity debate, Bronsteter had only enough time for one question – it was funnier because as he was reading out the question, Sid kept speaking over him still ranting out Thicke. 
– Softball superstar and Olympian Jennie Finch just gave birth to a baby boy, Diesel Dean. Which first name do you like better. Diesel or Ding? Diesel is a much better sounding name – Ding would be horrible.

The funniest show in awhile. Straight up funny! It’s kind of nice at times when there’s no guests as the boys can just really ramble and discuss whatever they want to. The “Eating on the Shitter” bit was funny and it was good to see a random Hainser’s Corner thrown in there. The NBA rumour chat was very interesting and the guys gave us a lot to process and think about. I look forward to the next couple of days. Pizzo brought some funny updates and yes Rob, it would be interesting to know if those tennis chicks make those noises during sex. Ear plugs please. The crazy highlight was the Alan Thicke debate – there’s no words to describe the exchange, just listen to the damn podcast. Great show boys, second 10/10 in a row.


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