Toronto Raptors, Jonas Valanciunas, & Hooked On Phonics

Well Tim and Sidizen Raptor fans, with the 5th of the 2011 NBA draft, Toronto selects Jonas Valanciunas! What the hell? I was convinced that Walker or Knight was going to be in the #5 spot. I’m at a loss for words – and what’s this crap about him maybe staying in Europe for one more year to develop or because there’s issues with his buyout? F**K! Apparently, Micallef’s idea that Colangelo’s recent contract means “win now” is incorrect or Bryan just doesn’t give a shit. Either way, I’m going to embrace this selection and wait and see what happens like everyone else.

After watching this NBA International Draft, it’s apparent that sales for Hooked On Phonics for athletes in the NBA just skyrocketed.

Anyways, here’s little promo video of Jonas for anyone not familiar with this kid.

I look forward to Tim and Sid: Uncut tomorrow. There should be lots to sound off on.


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