“Queen on a Chess Board League”, Timmy’s Gut, & Breaking News

“Who will the Raptors pick? Will the glove really fit? And the NHL Awards…who gives a shit.”

What’s up Tim and Sidizens! Welcome to another daily review of the Tim and Sid: Uncut radio show/podcast. Tim sounds to be officially over the flu, Sid is absent because he’s been sent out on assignment, Pizzo is handling the topics for the first time and rocking out as co-host, and Bronsteter/Noon continue to provide the best comments from the peanut gallery that man has ever heard. Topics up for discussion that may or may not be addressed are: Jay Mohr, Tristan Thompson, Claude Noel, Corey Perry, O.J Simpson, A Confession, and Alan Thicke.

Give Thicke Some Love
Good job with the introduction today Pizzo – while they’re only little shoes to fill, you pulled it out in the end ūüėČ First up today on Tim and Sid: Uncut included discussion on Alan Thicke again. If you heard yesterday’s show, you’re aware that Sid believes that Alan Thicke is a big / huge star. Unfortunately for him, most of the other guys on the panel seemed to disagree and Sid was left to himself trying to defend Thicke’s status as a celebrity. It appears that the boys touched a nerve and received lots of feedback from Tim and Sidizens. One listener in particular was Jason Merryfield who sent an email that included a list of why Thicke is a big star:
1. Recurring appearance on sitcoms (i.e. How I Met Your Mother)
2. The Alan Thicke Show
3. Thicke of the Night show
4. We all know who Alan Thicke is.

Another listener went on to write Tim and accused him of minimizing Alan Thicke’s cultural relevance. “Never in my career did I think I would be accused of minimizing Alan Thicke’s cultural relevance.”, said Tim. Rob Pizzo goes on to say that maybe we are overlooking how famous Thicke once was and maybe we need to give the actor some credit. “Are you saying we need to give Thicke some love?”, replied Tim.

We haven’t even been in the show for 10 minutes and already we have breaking news from Bronsteter. Apparently several trades just took place along with the trades from earlier in the day. The trades include:
1. Mike Richards (PHI) sent to the L.A. Kings in exchange for Brayden Schenn (LA) and Wayne Simmonds (LA) and a second round draft pick.
2. Jeff Carter (PHI) sent to the Columbus Blue Jackets for Jakub Voracek (CBJ), the No. 8 pick in Round 1, and a third round draft pick.

Basically, the Flyers’ cleaned house by getting rid of¬†two important puzzle pieces and players responsible for helping the Flyers get to the Stanley Cup finals just a year ago. The moves were required to clear salary cap space to sign goaltender Ilya Bryzgalov for a crazy $51 Million, nine year contract. Pizzo can’t believe this happened; how did they go from trying to fix their goalie situation to trading away two of their best players? “What the hell? It’s weird to me Tim.” Apparently Philly has lost their damn mind and Pizzo seems to be blown away with what’s occurred. Tim went on to say that he thinks Bryzgalov will, and should, have a lot of pressure on him now; especially since the Flyers just gave up two star players for him. Pizzo thinks there’s a possibility that the Flyers could be making room for something else. “If you get rid of both of them, something was amiss in the room.”, replied Tim. Of course in true Tim and Sid: Uncut fashion, the recent news of the trades could only bring about a new match game.¬†#PhillyNowHasLessTalentThan_____________
– Alan Thicke
– S Club 7
– The Pittsburgh Pirates
– The Lady Byng Presenters
– Justin Bieber
– The Brass Rail at noon on a Tuesday
– DJ’s Vocal Coach
Mitsou, suggested by Noon¬†(Tim goes on to suggest she’s got some talent by what I believe is a handjob gesture)


God, does it ever end….Bronsteter delivers some more breaking news¬†to the Tim and Sidizens and this time it comes from the NBA. According to Yahoo’s Adrian Wjnarowski, there’s a 3-way deal brewing involving the Charlotte Bobcats, Sacramento Kings, and Milwaukee Bucks. As of right now, no names have been named in the deal. Wow, what’s happening here today!

Fuck off Bronsteter! hahahaha. It has just been announced that the Washington Nationals’ Jim Riggleman resigns. Oh me oh my! “The hottest Manager in baseball right now resigns. What the hell is going on!”

#TodayIsCrazierThan_______________ Match Game
What a day! Holy shit – it’s like Christmas morning. In honour of what’s going on, the guys get into a little match game. Some of the suggestions on twitter include:
– An Orgy at Hainser’s House (“Hainser’s orgy is him, his right and left.” – Tim) (A 3-way brother, pass the towel brother.” – Noon)
– David Tyree
– Donald Sterling
– Gary Busey, Mel Gibson, and Tom Cruise talking about politics
– Mariah Carey
– LeBron’s “Decision” Day

The First Noel & The Winnipeg ____________
Finally, something that is not breaking news….According to the Winnipeg Sun, the Winnipeg ___________’s will name Claude Noel the new head coach. And the funny part of this story, according to Tim, is that Noel is from the same town as Alan Thicke – Kirkland Lake, ON.¬†Everything comes around baby. It sounds like it might have been the obvious choice for¬†the team;¬†it’s like¬†hiring in-house.¬†Noel is already in the company as head coach¬†of the Manitoba Moose¬†and¬†everyone knows who Noel is, both as a coach and person. ¬†

Wow, we had one break and already we’re into more breaking news. The more I think about it, having Tim and Sid: Uncut air between 4-5 is great because a lot of shit usually happens at the of the day or is at least announced. Well, back to the NBA and previous news from Adrian; we have some names for the 3-way deal. The trade looks like this:
1. Milwaukee sends out Corey Maggette, John Salmons, the 10th pick in the draft and returns Stephen Jackson, Beno Udrih, Shaun Livingston, and the 19th pick in the draft.
2. Charlotte sends out Jackson, Livingston, and the 19th pick and returns Maggette and the 7th pick in the draft.
3. Sacramento sends out Udrih and the 7th overall pick in the draft and returns John Salmons and the 10th pick in the draft.

Interesting Facts From Jimmy Conway’s Update
1. Well it seems that Nose Face is at is again. Well, not really, just people posting false information on his Wikipedia page. Normally¬†stuff like this is removed immediately, but it seems people in Marchand’s camp didn’t catch it for awhile. It’s been removed, but you can¬†see what it said here.

While not entirely true, the guy does drop his clothes from time to time. Photo courtesy of Barstool Sports.

2. Australian soccer player Aaron Eccleston received both a red card and was eventually ejected from a soccer match for having a pierced schlong. You can check out the full incident in the following video.

3. During an interleague¬†game between the Texas Rangers and Houston Astros, fans were asked to participate in attempting to get into the Guiness Book of World Records for the most people wearing sunglasses at night. “Who gives a shit, honestly.”,¬†said Pizzo. You can check out the full article here.¬†What Pizzo didn’t mention was that former President George Bush was¬†among the crowd.¬†¬†

Len Elmore & The 2011 NBA Draft
On today’s show, Micallef was joined by former ABA / NBA player and now sportscaster for ESPN, CBS, and ABC, Len Elmore. Great timing to have Elmore on the show as the NBA draft takes place this evening and he’s a good brain to pick on tonight’s event. Tim started the conversation by asking Elmore about the possible #1 pick Kyrie Irving and how only people can be so confident in this kid after only playing 11¬†college games due to a toe injury. According to Elmore, while Iriving might have upset¬†Duke’s chemistry, he’s played against a lot of guys that are currently in the draft, both college and overseas. He’s got a lot skill and he displayed that talent in those 11 games.¬†Elmore followed up with the suggestion that it’s not his talent that should be questioned, it’s the toe injury and whether he’s foot can hold up. Tim then flows into discussion about the trend that we are seeing in the NBA; it seems that it’s becoming a Point Guard League. “What’s your thought on the trend of calling it a Point Guard League?”, asked Tim. Elmore believes that the NBA is more of a Copycat League, if anything. He had a good answer by suggesting that it’s more of a “Queen on a Chess Board League“. Much like the Queen piece, if you have¬†a player that can do a little bit of everything:¬†post-up, shoot, dribble, block, defend, etc. is a bonus, “I don’t care what position he’s playing,¬†that’s the guy you want.”¬†¬†

The guys then went on to discuss Brandon Knight & Kemba Walker and whether or not these guys can be the “Queen” or play the PG position. According to Elmore, while Knight is not a natural PG, he’s got the skills to be one – it¬†takes work. And in the case of Walker, while he might be smaller, he also has the skills but the heart as well, “He wills his team to win.”¬†Micallef went on to ask if there’s a player that could “break on through to the otherside?” Elmore thinks that Irving and Williams will compete right away for starting spots, but after that, it’s hard to say. If anything, this year’s draft is an “expanding” draft. One player that Elmore did say to look out for and who could be a surprise is Providence’s Guard, Marshon Brooks – the kid has good size, can score, is long, and can make everyone around him better. He can be a star. To end the interview, the boys talk a little bit about all the movement¬†and rumours that have been coming up¬†prior to the draft (i.e. Nash, Parker). Most teams that are outside the lottery¬†just want to get better, therefore they’ll take a chance on a guy like Nash who only has a few years left in him. They’ll take those chances and give up their draft picks.

Sheldon Alexander and Timmy’s Gut
* I originally wrote this section into the review blog, but Sheldon did such a great job with his research, I’ve opted to enter it in separately. The conversation between the two will be up shortly.

Rapid Fire
Solid CUT or UNCUT provided for Aaron Bronsteter. ALL ABOOOOOOOARD!!!!! What a crazy show. “This has been a marathon.”, replies Bronsteter. What a show!

– The NHL having an NHL Award show in general. Cut or Uncut? Uncut. While the show sucks at times, it is entertaining. I kind of wish they did something like this for the NBA because that show would be far more funny and enjoyable. God knows what the players would say or do on stage.
– Eating while on the toilet. How about tweeting on a toilet. Cut or Uncut? Cut. You go to the bathroom to shit or piss. Reading is allowed, but that’s it.
– Lenny Dykstra joining twitter amid a bunch of court issues he’s currently going through. Cut or Uncut? Uncut. I’d actually like to see what crap Lenny has to say while he’s going through all these legal battles. Maybe he’ll bury himself in more trouble.
– Admitting to a crime after you’ve gotten away with it. Cut or Uncut? Uncut. I love hearing the shit stupid people have to say.

HORNS! This show was amazing….If Tim, Pizzo, Noon and Bronsteter just showed up with nothing to talk about, it still would of been exciting and there would be stuff to talk about. I think the first part of the show just wrote itself. Breaking news was great, Pizzo talked about dicks in his update, and both Elmore and Alexander brought unique ideas to the table about the NBA draft and Bryan Colangelo’s trade deals. Also important to note that Pizzo did a great job filling in for Seixeiro at the beginning portion of the show. Solid show and with all the excitement, I’m going to throw you a bone 10/10.


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