Toronto Raptors, Sheldon Alexander & Uncle Timmy’s Gut

On Tim and Sid: Uncut yesterday, Tim brought in the Score’s own, Sheldon Alexander to discuss a little basketball, the Toronto Raptors, and Tim’s gut. If you remember, yesterday on the show, Tim said he had a feeling in his gut that something big was going to happen with the Raptors and Andrea Bargnani – Colaneglo was going to make a big move. Alexander took that “gut feeling” of Tim’s and decided to do a little research and help validate it. Sheldon believes that Bryan Colangelo is going to make draft day even crazier, “History tells us that he is going to do something.”

1. July 2010 – The Raptors enter the draft and select Ed Davis. Shortly after, the team trades Hedo Turkoglu; correcting a mistake he made a year before…

2. July 2009 – The Raptors enter the draft and seletct DeMar DeRozan. Not long after, he finds a way to a sign and trade to get Hedo Turkoglu…

3. July 2008 – Draft Roy Hibbert for the Indiana Pacers as they packaged T.J Ford, Baston, Hibbert, and Rasho for Jermaine O’Neal and Nathan Jawai.

4. 2007 – No pick for the Toronto Raptors (Alexander suggests Colangelo spends time in Italy)

“So what you’re telling me, when vested in the NBA Draft, Colangelo is not one to sit still.”, replied Tim. Alexander went on to discuss the movements of ’06 that brought T.J Ford to Toronto while shipping Charlie Villanueva to the Bucks. Alexander is convinced that Colangelo uses his assets and tonight something is going to happen. He might use the Raptors No. 5 pick as bait. And in regards to Andrea Bargnani, Alexander thinks what happens in the first couple of picks will determine how Colangelo reacts.

Obviously, we all know what transpired last night, but Sheldon’s research is still important to document. Bryan Colangelo likes making moves and hopefully this year is no different. Let’s just wait and see what happens in Raptor Nation. 


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