Oh Canada! Thompson and Joseph: Canada’s New Basketball Generation

* Both Thompson and Joseph at pre-draft workouts with the Toronto Raptors 6/15/11.

Congratulations to Canadian ball players Tristan Thompson and Cory Joseph from all the Tim and Sidizens around the nation. While the draft took place several days ago, I just wanted to recognize their hard work and give both of them credit.

On Thursday, June 23rd, 2011 at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, Canada Basketball and Canadians all over the country had reason to be proud as both Tristan Thompson (Brampton, ON) and Cory Joseph (Toronto, ON) were selected at the No. 4 and No. 29 spots in the 2011 NBA Draft. Both Texas Longhorns announced their entry into the 2011 draft earlier this year.

Tristan Thompson No. 4 Cleveland Cavaliers

Cory Joseph No. 29 San Antonio Spurs
Tim Micallef actually spoke with Joseph during his pre-draft workout with the Toronto Raptors several weeks ago and picked the guard’s brain prior to the draft. Some of the highlights of the interview are below.

Interview Highlights from Tim and Sid: Uncut June 15th, 2011
“Tim went on and asked Cory how the pre-draft workout with the Toronto Raptors was going and how he felt? Joseph felt it has gone great, a good practice so far. He finds that it is still kind of surreal to be working out with your home team – it’s a huge honour for him. He mentioned his first Raptors game was around the same time that T-Mac was trying to make up his mind about whether or not he was leaving the Toronto Raptors. He was fan of the organization growing up. Some of the discussion also surrounded Joseph’s decision on not hiring an agent for the upcoming draft. According to Joseph, his mom is his agent right now and all he can do is go with his heart.”

“During the interview, there was also some discussion on Joseph’s teammate and Canadian beast, Tristan Thompson. Both players have been going through the process together and Cory is glad to have him by his side. They (Thompson and Joseph) talk a lot, he feels like a brother, and is just part of the family. For those Tim and Sidizens that might be unaware, Thompson is a guaranteed pick in the first round and definitely one of Canada’s up and coming basketball stars; Canada’s Basketball future looks really bright. In saying that, Tim asked how bad Cory and his fellow Canadian ball players want to rep for Canada? Joseph says that they are always thinking of their country and always looking to represent Canada. Unfortunately though, there are times when schools won’t allow the boys to represent their nation in particular tournaments and the players have to stay down South in their respective college schools.”

Again, congratulations to Tristan and Cory from the all the guys at Tim and Sid: Uncut and all the Tim and Sidizens. I definitely look forward to what both of your futures hold and I’ll enjoy following both of your careers; you’ve made Canada proud!

You can follow both guys on twitter at: Tristan Thompson and Cory Joseph.


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