Tim and Sid: Uncut Invade Eagles Nest Golf Club

Interesting news for Tim and Sidizens was announced today on Tim and Sid: Uncut. For the first time in the show’s history, Tim and Sid will conduct their very first remote and broadcast from Eagles Nest Golf Club in Maple, Ontario. The boys are attending the 2nd Annual Joe Carter Classic Golf Tournament in support of the Children’s Aid Foundation and from what I can gather, Seixeiro is also going to be the MC for the event. I wish him all the luck; have you seen some of the names that are attending?

Charles Barkley
George Bell
Jerome Bettis
Dean Blundell
Ray Bourque
Joe Carter
Gordie Howe
Bo Jackson
Julius “Dr. J” Erving
Paul Jones
Fred McGriff
Ozzie Smith
Dave Stewart
Trish Stratus
P.K Subban
Devon White
Johnny Bower
And the list goes on………..

Tim and Sid have absolutely no idea how broadcasting live is going to work away from the booth, so if you tune in late tomorrow and here dead air, you’ll know what happened. Bronsteter is apparently joining the crew so things should run smoothly. There was also a disclaimer made by Micallef directed towards listeners, “Don’t show up. You won’t get in. This is not a mall.” I’m sure the boys will have some great stories for us when they get back. Below are some photos from last year’s event.


* I have no idea who these girls were, but apparently Bud Girls do registration.


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