Carter, Howe, White, Stratus & Other Highlights From Eagles Nest Golf Club

What a treat for Tim and Sidizens this afternoon. The very first live remote broadcast of the Tim and Sid: Uncut radio show took place from Eagles Nest Golf Club in Maple, Ontario. Both Micallef and Seixeiro were there for the 2nd Annual Joe Carter Classic Golf Tournament in support of the Children’s Aid Foundation. As mentioned in an earlier posting, the tournament was jam-packed with celebrities and athletes that included stars such as: Charles Barkley, Trish Stratus, Joe Carter, Dave Stewart, Dean Blundell, Gordie Howe, and much, much more.

First off, great show guys! Not bad for your very first live remote broadcast. Sometimes in those situations you have no idea how it’s going to turn out whether it be due to distractions, interruptions, or technical difficulties. I’ll post a review of the show later, but in the meantime, here are some photos of how some of it went down; I’ll add more later.


What’s a Tim and Sid: Uncut live remote without a FOSS vehicle.

Micallef and Seixeiro getting ready to begin the show. Good luck boys!

The man of the hour, Joe Carter and his crazy golf pants.

Seixeiro is so scared of Dave Stewart’s stare, he has to turn away.

Less stare, all smiles from Stewart.

Devon White stops by for a visit.

Homerun Beast George Bell stops by for some #RealTalk.

One of the items up for bid at tonight’s auction in support of the Children’s Aid Foundation. Photo courtesy of Mike Gentile.

theScore’s Program Director, Mike Gentile with retired NFL star, Jerome “The Bus” Bettis. I also want to point out how creepy Bronsteter looks in this photo. Photo courtesy of MG.

To see some of the other action that took place on the golf course today, check out the photos below courtesy of Trish Stratus, P.K Subban, and Dean Blundell.

A little John Legend for the ladies and Seixeiro.

Great show this afternoon boys, and again, Congratulations!


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