Sorry Doug “Killer” Gilmour…Micallef Thinks You Don’t Cut It!

“Dougie gets in,
Pavel Bure’s on the outside lookin’ in.
And on the same day they file for bankruptcy, the Dodgers are money.”

Happy Tuesday Tim and Sidizens! With the long weekend on the horizon, I would like to say it’s Wednesday. Big show for you today with lots of sports and information for your edu-tainment. John Noon is sober, Bronsteter is playing with TOUT, and Nay Nay Liverpool is rooting hard for Canada’s National Soccer team this afternoon. Topics for today’s show, which may or may not be addressed include: Lyle Overbay, T.O., Jonas Valanciunas, Nate Marquardt, Doug Gilmour, Looks Like, Phoenix, Maria Sharapova, Testosterone, and Eagles Nest Golf Course.

Tim and Sid Invade Eagles Nest Golf Course
* Please see blog entry below for full details of this section. 

4 Steps to Stardom and Five-Pin Bowling
Speaking of malls, Tim begins to tell the story of a five-pin bowling alley that used to be at his mall in his hometown. Noon immediately chimes in and says that five-pin bowling is harder and Sid agrees. According to Noon, “It’s tougher, smaller targets, small balls, harder to pick up spares, and less control of the spin.” Tim’s not buying it though; it sounds like he believes five-pin is quite easy compared to ten-pin and is willing to challenge Noon any day of the week. Noon’s up for it though because he used to be a bowler growing up – part of the YBC’s 4 Steps to Stardom team. The only thing Sid can really contribute to the debate is, “Speaking of small balls Bronsteter.”

Doug Gilmour: Does He Belong in the Hockey Hall of Fame?
The 2011 Hockey Hall of Fame class was announced today and once again, there were some questions with the newest additions. First off though, Pat Burns and Fred Shero were snubbed – this will be discussed later. The four players inducted this year included: Doug Gilmour, Eddie Belfour, Mark Howe, and Joe Nieuwendyk. The player up for discussion however, is Gilmour and most of the criticism is coming from Tim, “Do you believe Doug Gilmour is a Hall of Famer right now?”. Micallef believes that points are weighted too heavily in the decision and when a player only makes 2 All-Star games, he can’t see how that person could be called a Hall of Famer. While he agrees that Gilmour’s defensive abilities was above many players, he thinks that Gilmour’s time in Toronto is what propelled him into the Hall of Fame. “If you can’t say you were among the top 6 forwards at one time in your career, it’s hard to say you deserve to be there.” Sid’s not buying it though and his thought is that Dougie belongs in this year’s class. First off, Sid hates the fact that people only look at Gilmour’s work in Toronto (reason for Gilmour w/ Buffalo picture). He played significant roles in Calgary, Montreal, and other teams. The guy has over 1400 points and when you consider who he played against, he should be in there. Tim continues to play devil’s advocate and figures if you Doug Gilmour is in there, Adam Oates should be in there too, “I keep harping on this Sid, but the guy was only in two All-Star games.” At this point Seixeiro seems to get fed up and who can blame him? There’s no right answer when it comes to discussing who gets in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

The conversation on the HHOF also focused on the fact that Pavel Bure didn’t make it in, a goal scorer that led the league three different times – I can’t believe it! Sid’s also perturbed that Viktor Tikhonov is absent, “How in a Hockey Hall of Fame is Viktor Tikhonov not in it? Someone explain this one to me hockey guy.” Tikhonov’s bid for the HHOF was as a Builder, but it just didn’t happen. The guys also give a huge thumbs up to Eddie Belfour for making it in – that guy did work. Just as they were about to wrap up discussion though, Tim touches on the Gilmour thing again. “Picking a player to be on your team right now in their prime. Gilmour or Bure?”, said Tim. Seixeiro’s not sure that Bure could win as many games for a team as what Gilmour could. “Who is more valuable to a team when it matter most on the ice?”, replies Sid. It was Doug Gilmour. Shout-outs to Mark Howe as well; in terms of defensemen, this is the guy that should get in. His numbers in both the WHA and NHL were up there with the greats.

Interesting Facts From Pizzo’s Update
Being the hockey guy he is, Pizzo wants to jump in on the HHOF debate before his update. In regards to Gilmour, he agrees with Sid that he belongs in there. Pizzo throws out a statistic that “only 6 players in the history of hockey have more playoff points than Gilmour.” But in terms of Pavel Bure, Rob is convinced that he should of been in there too, “He was meant to score goals.” The guys also agree that Pavel was one of the better players in NHL ’94. Pizzo then runs through the names up for nomination next year and some of the 1st year guys that are eligible are: Mats Sundin, CUJO, Gary Roberts, Joe Sakic, Brendan Shanahan, Jeremy Roenick. Good luck getting in, it’s a bottleneck. The guys also discuss that Pat Burns will be up again as a Builder – hard to believe he didn’t make it in this year. According to Bronsteter, this was the first year since 1981 that Builder hasn’t made it on there.

* Check out Bure’s dominance here. 5 goals in just over a minute.

1. It seems that a lot of people are upset that Michael Vick won Subway’s Sportsman of the Year Award. People are calling to boycott both Subway and the BET Awards.
2. Tiger Woods has called a press conference and announced that he will not be playing in the British Open due to injuries.
3. Gilbert Arenas is attempting to have keep his ex-girlfriend from signing on to the popular reality show, Basketball Wives. He believes that it will exploit him by having her on the show.

The Inaugural Score Media’s Hall of Fame
* I felt this posting should be up by itself. It’s currently being worked on – stay tuned.
* Also important to note that Tim said something about himself and Sid going back on T.V. News maybe? We’ll have to wait and see.

It’s Just Statistics People
Toronto Raptors fans had reason to be happy today as their newest addition to the team, Jonas Valanciunas (Lithuania), dominated a warm up game for the World Junior Championships against the U.S. by finishing with 23 PTS. and 11 REB. But the story here was the fact that Tim tried to tweet to his followers the kid’s stats. The responses he got were unexpected and it seemed that everyone started ragging on him. One in particular was the guy who told Tim to calm down. “Calm down? Calm down! How is there a tone with numbers. I’m just giving statistics.” Sid had a great response, “Calm down with your facts and stuff Tim….People only hear what they want to hear and money talks.” Here are some of the guys who can hear tones in statistics. They must have superhero skills:

* At this point, it’s also important to note that Sid either shit in his chair again or the chair is making noises.

Rapid Fire
Good Rapid Fire Bronsteter. Aaron brought a long Either Or to the table today and it ranged from mullets to hotness levels of chicks. Also, good luck with the events tomorrow at Eagles Nest – it should be pretty entertaining.
– Skim Milk or 2% Milk? Sid, “I’m not even going to answer the fucking question.” Is it just me or does Sid have 24/7 periods? He’s more emotional at times than a 14-year old girl. I’m going to select 2% milk.
– Hotter A-Rod girlfriend. Kate Hudson or Cameron Diaz? Diaz seems to be more of a slut. Depends what you’re into.
– Hotter Jeter girlfriend. Jessica Alba or Minka Kelly? I’m going with Jessica Alba.
– Dougie Gilmour or Pavel Bure? I’ll go with Doug Gilmour.
– Better mullet. Jaromir Jagr or Ryan Smyth? I choose Ryan Smyth and Tim throws out an honourable mention to Derian Hatcher.
– Chips or Pretzels? Chips baby!

Some great photos sent in by loyal Tim and Sidizen, HHH1979, Stephen Davison. 

Awesome show today boys. I really, really enjoyed the debate on Doug Gilmour and his Hall of Fame induction. Personally, I’m glad to see him get in and come November, maybe Tim will have hopefully changed his mind. Some random news about Noon – had no idea he was quite the bowler. While I had no idea who most of the Score Media’s Hall of Fame personnel were, the bit was still funny anyways. Great Rapid Fire by Bronsteter! Overall good show. Good luck with the events tomorrow – no touchin’ Trish Stratus Sid, I’m pretty sure she’s married 9.5/10. 


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