The Inaugural theScore Media’s Hall of Fame: Where Champions Are Made

“If theScore Media had a Hall of Fame? Who would be in it?”Sid Seixeiro

With all the discussion and news today regarding the Hockey Hall of Fame, it got Seixeiro thinking about who would they consider would be in the Score Media’s Hall of Fame if one existed. Micallef sounded a little bit hesitant about nominating people because he didn’t want to piss anyone off, but do you think that would stop Sid? Not a chance…“The opinions expressed here are solely those of Sid Seixeiro….well maybe I’ll jump on board. I’ll see how it goes.”, Micallef.

So Tim and Sidizens, Fans of the Score, Score Radio, and Listeners from around the world, meet the First 8 theScore Media’s Hall of Fame Inductees.

1. John Levy CEO, Owner, and Chairman of theScore Media Inc. Builder
“Born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario. Without JL Doggy, there is no Score Media. That’s not kissing ass. He cuts the cheques, it’s the truth. Without Johnny, we’re not here.”, Seixeiro. “He took a executioner’s picks, SportScope, and made them huge, what you have before you now, Score Media Inc.”, replied Micallef.

2. Anthony Cicione GM Fight Network, Pres. 27/8 Medic Inc. Producer
Cicione was the first Program Director at theScore and the man responsible for hiring Tim Micallef and Sid Seixeiro. “Anthony Cicione is the guy that looked at Tim and I and said maybe. He gave us a shot and he had the best hair in the business.”, Seixeiro.

3. Brian Spear Sr. Producer, Hockey Night in Canada at CBC. Producer
Once a Program Director at theScore, Spear now works with Hockey Night in Canada as Senior Producer. “He does phenomenal work with Hockey Night in Canada.” He does games, Coach’s Corner, “he is the guy, when Don Cherry says “Brian”, that’s Brian Spear.”, Seixeiro. (photo not available)

4. Elliotte Friedman Sports Journalist and Host with CBC. Broadcaster
During his stint with theScore, Friedman was a reporter for the company and covered the CFL, NHL, MLB, and the Olympics.

5. John Melville V.P Programming & Production, Accessible Media Inc.
“One of the better radio guys in Toronto.”, Seixeiro.

6. Greg Sansone V.P of Television for the Score
One of the first ever sports anchors to work for the Score, Sansone used to host the famous The Score Tonight with Martine Gaillard in 2004 before being replaced by Micallef and Seixeiro.

7. Glen Mack
Unfortunately, after much research, I was unable to find any information on Glen Mack (the spellinig could be incorrect as well. Either way Glen, you were recognized as being an influence on the Score. Congratulations! (photo unavailable)

8. Cabral “Cabbie” Richards Host of Cabbie Presents on TSN
Originally working as an Intern at the Score, Cabbie was widely known around the world, to millions of people around the world, for his Cabbie on the Street segments. Who doesn’t know Cabbie? This guy was the reason I started watching the Score.

International Inductees: John Nelson (Script Work), Mark Morgan (CNNSI), James Sharman (Producer/Sportscaster)

Honourable Mentions: Brad Kay, Drive This Crew, Big Rig, Kushal, Brook Ward, Trevor Thompson, Renee Paquette, and Adnan Virk.


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