Thank You by Led Zeppelin

If you haven’t noticed, there has been some changes with the review blog over the past month and many of the changes are from feedback provided by listeners of the show, Tim and Sidizens, and new people that just happened to stumble upon this site / podcast. You asked and I listened. Some of the new features people wanted included:

1. New layout
2. Bigger photos
3. Larger Font
4. Audio
5. Side Bar Feeds
6. More Photos

Also, in order to make it easier to find the site, I’ve registered the site finally and got a new domain. One of the background features on the blog allows me to see how people find this site from their Google searches. I was seeing things such as:

– Tim Sid Blog WordPress
– WordPress Sid Blog Tim
– Cut WordPress Uncut Blog
– Seixeiro sex fuck (honest to God, this is true)
– Tim and Sid Uncut Blog Review

I just found having wordpress in the domain might have made the blog a little harder to find. Unfortunately, cutoruncut.com was being used, so the next best thing was www.cutoruncutblog.com. This will not only make it easier to find, but it shouldn’t be as difficult for Uncle Timmy to say where he brings up the site every now and then. He does run out of breath from time to time with the intros 😉

Again, thanks for all the support and love – it’s very much appreciated. And I’ll do my very best to keep these reviews, updates, and everything Tim and Sid: Uncut coming.

TimSidizen / Toby T.

* Also…. www.cutoruncut.wordpress.com will still work, I’ve justed meshed both together so both addresses will work.


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