Jonas Valanciunas, Latvia Twitter, and Patric Casey Young

As most Tim and Sidizens are aware, Micallef and Seixeiro have spent some time on Tim and Sid: Uncut discussing the Toronto Raptors and their No. 5 selection in this year’s draft, Jonas Valanciunas. We’ve heard media, Raptor fans, analysts, and everyone else in the basketball world give their opinions on whether the kid is good or not. Well, it seems that someone else in the b-ball world had some opinions of his own, Patric Casey Young, (Centre for the U19 FIBA U.S.A Basketball), that he posted to his twitter:

I’m not sure whether or not Young is just pissed that he got destroyed by Jonas on the stats sheet the other day during their FIBA warm-up against Lithuania (6 PTS. 6 REB), it’s too hot over there for him, or he just hates the food. Haters be hatin’! Remember people, Tim and Sid: Uncut airs today at 4PM ET on the Score SIRIUS Radio Channel 158.

If you check out his twitter feed, you’ll see that he’s responding to everyone…it’s more funny if anything and the tweets keep coming…


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