Hainser’s Corner: Epis. 9

Hainser’s Corner #9
Happy Canada Tim and Sidizens! What a country we are – we have Molson Canadian, Beaver Tails, The Tragically Hip, and now, Hainser’s Corner. This was a very special Canadian Hainser’s Corner episode for me personally because I was sitting in the booth watching the the myth himself, Ryan Hains. I’ll provide more information about him later, but for now, here’s how the segment went down.

(Hainser bursts through the door)
Tim: “What are you typing into the computer?”
Sid: “You’re going to be here for 4 minutes.”
Hainser: “My username so I can look something up. I, uh, pleasure to all Tim and Sidizens. Ryno Hainser here, what’s going on Sid? Check me on twitter @rynohainser; What’s up?”
Sid: “Okay, you know how this works; yet you act surprised everytime you come in here. We’re going to ask you some Rapid Fire questions and let’s end with those lines. Don’t tell people where your after party is going to be. I don’t give a shit. Just answer the questions.”
Hainser: “Okay.”
Sid: “The first thing that pops in your head.”
Hainser: “You got your pennies in a knot today, eh?”
Sid: “Shut the fu…”.
Tim: “Pennies in a knot?”
Sid: “He said pennies in a knot.”
Hainser: “Panties!”
Sid: “Hmm, I heard pennies.”

1. Kate Middleton? “Uh hot, but your sister’s hotter.” (Sid: I like when you personally talk to the people.) (Tim: He doesn’t have a sister.) (Sid: No, like Kate Middleton’s sister.) (Tim: Oh, her sister. I thought you said he’s sister.) “I’ve seen his brother. I don’t know how the gene pool…” (Sid: Oh, you better shut the fuck up.)
2. Jonas Valanciunas? “Uh, the guy looks like a beast. His stat line yesterday in that FIBA game was, uh, was a thing for Raptor fans to…” (Sid: Too many words.)
3. Count Chocula? “Gary Bettman.”
4. Ed Jovanovski? “4.25 million? Are you fuckin’ kiddin’ me? Whoa. Whoa.”
5. Transformers 3? “Megan Fox is in it?” (Sid: She got fired. Ironically enough.)
6. Kris Versteeg gets passed around more than__________? “Hmm, come back to me. I pass.” (Tim: you can’t pass.) (Sid: Didn’t you hear what noise he just made?) (Tim: That wasn’t his mouth.)
7. Recording two interviews at a Joe Carter Golfing Tournament and losing them completely? “Whoa. Was I on the board?” (Sid: You weren’t.) (Tim: I thought it was going to be “Been there, done that.”)
8. The Buffalo Sabres? “Congratulations to Terry Pegula and the Buffalo Sabres. They are the winners on today’s Free Agent frenzy – Fucking amazing moves.”
9. Small Titties? “Oh beastings eh? Well, if the girl’s good lookin’, we’re all good.” (Sid: Did you say beastings or bee stings?) “Bee Stings!”


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