“Working 4 Hours” vs. “Hosting for 4 Hours”

Def: Hosting: a mastering of ceremonies, moderating, or interviewing for a television or radio program.

Def: Working: the act of a person or thing that works; operation or action.

After receiving some inside information, it’s important to note that hosting is much different than working. It appears that Rob has a valid reason for not being able to provide Pizzo’s Updates on Friday’s episode of Tim and Sid: Uncut. It came across the radio that he only worked for 4 hours, when in actuality, he hosted for 4 hours during his 10 hr. (estimation) work day. When sitting for long periods of time, in this case hosting radio shows about the NHL’s Free Agent Frenzy, a person can experience:

1. Stomach Cramps
2. Genes that regulate glucose and fat in the body start to shut down
3. Obesity
4. Tiredness
5. Dizziness
6. Cholesterol levels can increase
7. Rapid Aging (Let’s hope this doesn’t happen to Pizzo) 😉

Pizzo’s body must of taken a toll on Canada Day and I can see why he was so beat out by the time 4PM rolled around. I have a feeling though that Pizzo will come strong when he’s up next – he does work!


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