Hockey For Haiti, Carleton University Forgets theScore, and John Noon Trims His Bush

“The Jays say no way.
Jeter’s only four hits away.
And we say hello, to P.K….
(Sid: For those of you who might be confused)
(Tim: Pernell Karl)

It’s hump day Tim and Sidizens and welcome to Tim and Sid: Uncut. Where your sports and edu-tainment consumption is just around the corner. Tim’s takin’ names, Sid is ready to rant, Bronsteter is picking out intro. songs on his own, Dave Coulson is filling in, and John Noon is on vacation tweeting. Topics up for today that may or may not be discussed include: Tom Brady, Roger Clemens, Pyeongchang, Jonas Vala….Jona Valanciunas, Derek Jeter, Keith Yandle, Field of Dreams, Albert Pujols, Carl Lewis, and Pernell Karl Subban.

Jonas Valanciunas & Strippers
Up for discussion today in the first segment of the show is the recent play by Jonas Valanciunas in the FIBA U-19 World Championships and the reactions from Raptor Nation on Tim Micallef’s tweets. Periodically, Tim will tweet Jonas’ stats after each game and being the high profile sportscaster he is, will receive a flurry of shit tweets from people who believe that Valanciunas is a complete joke or because they believe Tim is hyping the guy up. Even when he adds the hastags: #calmdown, #justthefacts, or #takeitforwhatitis, people will still shit on him for stating the facts and producing numbers. Sid’s avoiding the situation altogether and felt it was more entertaining to watch Tim and Raptor Nation go back and forth on the topic of Valanciunas. While Sid’s not taking sides (this has to be a first), he can see both sides of the debate. 1, he agrees with Tim because Valanciunas is playing like a beast right now. But 2, he can see why the patience of Raptor Nation is worn thin. Here’s how Sid likes to breakdown the feelings of Raptor fans/nation:

“Raptor Fans are the parents and the Toronto Raptors are the son. The Raptors, a long time ago, met a hot young stripper named Rafael Araujo who seemed pretty intriguing at the time. Let’s just say it didn’t work out. Two years later, they (Raptors) bring home another really, really hot girlfriend named Andrea Bargnani, also an Italian stripper. And Raptor fans are like…okay, we love our boy…last time didn’t go so good but maybe this time different (Italian accent). So far, so good. For the third time, the Raptors brought a stripper to meet their folks (Raptor Nation) and i think the folks are a little tired of that train of thought. They (Raptors) did it for a third time in a very high profile way and you can understand the parents being asked to go down this road again, for the third time, can be a little hesitant.”

WTF? That’s the most crazy, weird, but perfect example of the reaction and feelings by fans of the Toronto Raptors draft pick, Jonas Valanciunas. It’s all agreed upon though that everyone needs to just wait and see how this guy plays in the NBA before we start ripping him. As of right now, he might have a better skill set than all the other strippers. Sid does go on to say though that he’s a little worried about Tim’s investment in Valanciunas, “You’re married to this guy…You’re going to be carrying this guy around like an Albatross.” Tim flat out denies this and says that he’s only trying to give people facts and make them aware that we can’t shit on a dude without actually seeing him play in the bigs – it’s illogical to do so. According to Sid though, Tim needs to jump on this though because “You’re A.C Slater if this works out.”

Canada Basketball
And speaking of FIBA Basketball, the Canadian team in the tournament was officially knocked out after a loss to Serbia and the team can no longer finish higher than 9th place. It’s understandable though as a few guys, like Mike Kabongo, were absent from the tourney. It does bring up the question by Sid on whether or not some of the Canadian talent that was absent will ever don a Canadian jersey. Most of the guys did promise theScore’s Jason Thom that they’d play, but “Talk is cheap until it happens. Fuck Sherman Hamilton, where have you gone.”, said Sid. But in saying that, it’s hard. There’s no support behind Canada basketball, and it’s the same with soccer. Sure Steve Nash had to find his own sponsor to step up for his insurance when he played for Canada at the Sydney Olympics. Come on Canada, start funding these guys.

Carleton Ravens and Respect for theScore

Other big news that came out today was the announcement that the Carleton Ravens Football team will be returning to the OUA and CIS Sports. In 1998, the program was axed due to financial shortfalls, which came after a poorly played season. However, thanks to entrepreneur and former Carleton Ravens defenceman John Ruddy, who gave the proposed team a $2.5 million boost, matching other fundraising for a total of $5-million in start-up capital to get the team back on the field in 2013. The problem though didn’t lie with the university getting their team back; it was the fact that no one in the athletic program contacted theScore or any of it’s employees to make them aware of the announcement. Seixeiro is pretty pissed that no one gave them a head’s up; and he has a right to be mad. For years now theScore has had a great relationship with the OUA and are really the only media outlet that gives them the time of day. “We’re not asking for the moon here. This is bullshit.”, screamed Sid. “No one talks about the OUA as much as theScore does.” Micallef especailly has put his blood, sweat, and tears into the league and according to Sid, “He (Tim) bust his fucking ass on the OUa and he needed to read one of the biggest stories in the CIS this year on the internet.” If you want to get Tim’s side of the story and his feelings towards what transpired, check out the blog entry below.

To lighten the mood though, Tim does share a little story about a time when he hosted the OUA Awards at Carleton University, where he once dropped out. Tim mentions that during the show, one of the old soccer coaches was retiring and as he walked up to the microphone, he said to Tim, “I do believe that the C for Carelton stands for committment. Something you wouldn’t know anything about.” The coach knew that Tim dropped out years ago and the Scottish/Irish old man was taking a jab at Micallef. Tim jokingly said, “Then I punched him in the face.”

Interesting Facts From Pizzo’s Update
Pizzo chimes in and tells the boys he thought their Irish/Scottish accents were hilarious. He then brings up a story about how his old always messes up cliches. One of the better ones included, “Pizzo, the wheel that squeaks, you gotta get da WD 40.” Pretty funny shit if you ask me – sounds like my old man at times.
1. Fortune Magazine just released their list of “100 Things That Make Amercia Great”. Two athletes that are on the list include Tom Brady (50) and LeBron James (33). Check out the full article here.
2. FIFA has announced the possibility of having three 30 minute periods to combat the heat that will be felt by players at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Fucking ridiculous.
3. After clinching his first ever French Open success on Sunday, Thomas Levet launched himself barefoot into a pond protecting the 18th green at Le Golf National but hurt himself on the rocks at the bottom. Now he’s out of the British Open. What an idiot.

P.K “PrimeTime” Subban and Hockey For Haiti

In the next segment, Tim and Sid had a surprise for Tim and Sidizens and were joined by the Montreal Canadiens’ P.K. Subban. Subban and former Canadien Georges Laraque are in Haiti this week to raise awareness of the ongoing problems created by the earthquake that devastated the country in January 2010 through a program called Hockey For Haiti. The guys had Subban come on the show to discuss the trip and what he’s encountered so far while he’s down there. Hockey For Haiti, a joint project of the National Hockey League and the NHL Players’ Association, has raised more than $1.3 million, but there is an ongoing need for funds. Sid’s up with the first question and asks Subban how he got involved with the trip. According to P.K., he got a call from George 4-5 weeks ago and was asked to head on down there with him. Subban said he didn’t hesitate and immediately said yes, “Just tell me where I need to be and he’d be ready to go.” Tim then asked Subban what it was like down there and what it was like the first time he got off the plane. The first thing to pop in Subban’s mouth was that “it was extremely hot down there” and when he “stepped off the plane, if was absolutely beautiful.” However, according to Subban, once he made it into the city, he was able to see a lot of devastation left by the earthquake and it seemed like utter chaos as locals were trying to sell him items or help him with his luggage. Subban goes on to say that he spent most of his time at the Grace Hospital meeting with kids and families. He mentions that while people are getting treated, there’s still many people (3 million in the city) that are not getting the needed care. He also believes that this is what he really cares about; helping people, listening to their stories, and being in the position to actually help, rather than sitting behind a phone and just raising money. And in order to keep awarmenss on Haiti during their time of crisis, trips like these will continue the cause. The boys then go on to ask Subban if they met any hockey fans down there and P.K does mention that he met a young boy who had some pretty good skills with a hockey stick. Before he left Canada, Subban collected a bunch of items and brought some Habs swag (hats, t-shirts) and played some street hockey with the kids. He was especially touched by the boy who asked to exchange emails with him so he could keep up-to-date on how the Canadiens’ defenseman was doing during the season on the ice.

BREAKING NEWS! John Noon tweets while on holiday. I guess vacation is beginning to get boring.

Roy Williams and His Crazy Ass Proposal

Before the guys throw to Rapid Fire, they quickly discuss the outrageous news about Roy Williams that came out today. Apparently, Williams proposed to his girlfriend Brooke Daniels, Miss Texas, by mailing her a $75,000 ring, $5000 for dental and school bills, an audio of the proposal, and a baseball for her brother. “If you get a package like that in the mail, how could you not get moist?”, said Sid. Anyways, she declined the proposal and when Williams asked for her to send the ring back, she said she had lost it. Williams then had to get his insurance agency involved and they found out that Daniels’ father actually had the ring. Williams now has to go the route of suing his ex-girlfriend in an attempt to get the ring back from her. You, Roy Williams, are on the crazy train.

Rapid Fire
A pretty solid Rapid Fire by Bronsteter this afternoon. He had a wide range of topics to discuss and lots of questions to ponder. Let’s break them down.
– Tom Brady was just announced the NFL’s top-100 player. Tom Brady or Peyton Manning in your opinion? Both guys are great quarterbacks but Brady has the rings. You can’t argue with that – the guy is a winner.
– Hot Dog or Hamburgers? I’d eat a hamburger everyday if it was healthly for you. Burgers at the Firkin are pretty amazing with a slice of Apple Smoked Bacon and Cheddar Cheese.
– Crab or Loster? Hmm, too hard to decide. The only part of the lobster I like is the claws. There’s lots of juicy meat and easy to crack. The rest of it can go to hell; too messy, hard to handle and all that green shit. #fail.

Great show today Tim, Sid, Bronsteter, Pizzo, and Dave. It was great to finally hear Sid’s opinion on Jonas Valanciunas. If I remember correctly, Sid was on vacation when the kid got selected and Tim and Sidizens never really got to hear his take on the pick by Colangelo. I also especially enjoyed the OUA and CIS discussion – having focused primarily on amatuer sports in university myself, it was good to hear the Canada Basketball debate and how the OUA markets their organization. And in this case, forgetting to contact your biggest supporter is a complete fail. Who is running shit over there at the athletics program? Also, a solid interview with Subban. I never heard of the Hockey For Haiti until today, so it was really good to hear about the positives being done by the NHL and it’s players down there. Huge thumbs up to Bronsteter for getting him on the show. Soild Rapid Fire; sports mixed with humour? You can’t go wrong. 10/10.


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