Bigger Chune? “Return Of The Mack” or “This Is How We Do It”

At the beginning of the second segment, Bronsteter usually plays a tune from back in the day that might have relevance to the upcoming topic. On today’s Tim and Sid: Uncut, the song of choice was Mark Morrison’s Return of the Mack. According to Tim, Sid apparently dances to this song anytime he hears it. “That’s a big tune man.”, cried Sid. Micallef decides to play devil’s advocate and asks the question:

What’s the bigger tune. Mark Morrison’s “Return of the Mack” or Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It”?

Bronsteter begins to play This Is How We Do It and “Micallef is looking like a fly girl on Living Colour right now.”, said Seixeiro. A debate pretty much begins among the boys and they throw out the question to Tim and Sidizens. Unfortunately, 15 minutes doesn’t give enough time to really get a correct response as the votes from Team Live seem to be split down the middle. So what  song do you think is a bigger chune?

* This question has obviously struck a cord with listeners because my email was flooded this evening with suggestions. I figured I would add a few of them below and all of us can take a walk down memory lane. Fuck, I forgot about some of this stuff.

Set Adrift On Memory Bliss – PM Dawn
Tim and Sidizen: Marco Hodder 

Jump – Kriss Kross
Tim and Sidizen: Jared Frost 

Poison – Bell Biv DeVoe

Tim and Sidizen: TJWells13 

Young MC – Bust A Move

Tim and Sidizen: Chris Jacobsen


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