Tim and Sidizen Updates: Pacman Jones, Canseco’s Break Up, D-Wade Works the Drive-Thru, & Jaroslav Jirik

One area of Tim and Sid: Uncut that Tim and Sidizens will have to do without over the next two weeks is Pizzo’s Updates. Seeing as the show is going to be on a little hiatus, I’ve received numerous e-mails from people wondering whether or not the site will be continued to be updated. While reviews won’t be conducted (they’ve already been written), I’ve decided I’ll try and provide 3 – 4 Tim and Sidizen Updates daily to help try and fill the void left by Pizzo. Again, thank you for all your suggestions and if you ever have a story that you feel is post-worthy, drop me a tweet or send me an e-mail and I’ll get it posted.

1. Cincinnat Bengals cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones was arrested at a bar Saturday night for disorderly conduct while intoxicated and resisting arrest. According to news reports, Pacman was taken in by police after failing to leave a bar for being rowdy and resisted arrest in attempts to get away. The funny part of the story? When Pacman was released out of jail, he greeted the media in his neck brace (due to an injury suffered last season). “I just had surgery, so why would I be resisting arrest?”, said Pacman.

2. As Jose Canseco continues to try to revive his baseball career with the Yuma Scorpions, it appears that he’s failing on the relationship front as he’s taking his recent breakup with Leila Shennib to twitter. Maybe she was unable to handle his ‘roid rage.

3. Dwayne Wade asked if anyone was hiring on twitter and he finally got a response. Forget playing basketball overseas during this year’s NBA lockout. Why do that when you could work for Kentucky Fried Chicken? From the National Post today, news circulated that the Dirty Bird chain offered Dwayne Wade the chance to be an honourary drive-thru captain. In return, KFC would donate $250,000 in Wade’s name to their own scholarship fund.

4. In sad news today, Jaroslav Jirik died in a plane crash at the age of 71. Jirik was the very first Czech to play in the NHL and the very first NHL player allowed to play from a communist country. Jirik was signed by the St. Louis Blues in 1969-70 where he played with their minor league affiliate Kansas City Blues before being called up to play three games with St. Louis.


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