The Hangover 3: Pizzo Edition “Pizzo Meets Some Tim and Sidizens”

The next 2 weeks are going to be a little slow. The boys are on hiatus and in order to keep you edu-tained on everything Tim and Sid: Uncut, I’m going to have to break out some random blog entries from time to time. If you remember from last week, our boy Pizzo mentioned during his updates that he was not going to be available for Friday’s Tim and Sid: Uncut because he was making his way to Montreal for his brother’s bachelor party. And if I remember correctly, Pizzo joked with the guys on the show that he hopes he remembers/makes it back alive from the adventure. So get ready Tim and Sidizens for a little walk down drunken lane and I present you with a photo spread of The Hangover 3: Pizzo Edition.

The adventure to Montreal was delayed briefly as Pizzo and the boys experienced a blown tire…

…but have no fear, pelvic thrusts by Jay Pizzo kept everyone entertained. Car bar for the groom maybe?

Eventually the crew made it to Montreal and the party began. My only question to the guys is where are all the titties? I only see one chick in the background – but I’m sure the pool was full of them.

Once the sun went down, the bachelor party then headed to Muzique Montreal. A party club that is tucked away in the upper part of Montreal’s nightlife corridor. 

The night was a rockin’ when all of a sudden, Pizzo and the crew met up with some Tim and Sidizens. I’m telling you, the Tim and Sidizen Army are everywhere! Special shout-outs to Dante Scaffidi, Mischa Roiron, Giannino Scaffidi (Gee), Jonny Kourie, and Andrew Wigmore (if I’m missing a name, let me know). It seems the boys shared some laughs, some drinks, and partied into the night. A good HANGOVER night was had by all. Here are a few photos of Pizzo and huge Tim and Sidizen listeners.

And if you think the Tryst bill for Joffrey Lupul, Paul Bissonnette, and Bobby Ryan was big, get a load of what the boys partied with at Muzique.

…WTF? Way to party guys!

Okay, maybe this isn’t their bill (it’s the Boston Bruins bill after their Stanley Cup win). But hey, maybe the boys came close. A fun night was had by all and from what Rob told me today, the Tim and Sidizens made the night even more memorable. So again, a big shout-out to Dante, Mischa, Gee, Jonny, and Andrew – Thanks for partying with the boys and thanks for reading the blog. Dante advised me today that his crew use the Tim and Sid Review Blog for drinking games…I never thought of that before…move over Monopoly? 

* Thanks to Pizzo and Dante for sending the photos via email and if you’re under the age of 19, Pizzo and the Tim and Sidizens above do not endorse drinking.

** Also, stayed tuned for the Tim and Sidizen’s Updates. They will be up shortly this evening, along with a quick review of BEST OF: Pizzo’s Updates.


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