Tim and Sidizen Updates: Dock Ellis’ LSD No-Hitter, Shaq Joins TNT, A Lucky Son Of A Bitch, & “I’m Faster Than A Turkey…”

Good evening Tim and Sidizens! The 2-week hiatus from Tim and Sid: Uncut continues while Pizzo, Noon, Sid, and Bronsteter are drinking and tweeting live from theScore’s Summer Party! (From what I heard, Tim’s out of town). However, there’s no break here on the Tim and Sid review blog – your daily Tim and Sidizen Updates for today are:

1. In 1970, Pittsburgh Pirates starting pitcher Dock Ellis threw a no-hitter. The rumour is that Ellis’ threw the no-hitter while on LSD. In some weird way of honouring the legend, Deadspin Editor, A.J. Daulerio decided to drop acid himself and try to throw a no-hitter on MLB2K11, while using a custom-generated version of Dock Ellis. According to reports, Daulerio would start over every time the computer got a hit – from the video, he did this 48 times before he gave up. My question is…how the hell do you get a job where your employer allows you to drop acid and play video games all day long? You can check out the acid no-hitter attempt here.

2. “I’m faster than a turkey and as smart as a boar”. What the hell? It looks like there’s a real-life version of Ice-T’s Surviving the Game. Mork Encino, an unemployed man from Utah has said that he “will let you HUNT him for $10,000… or $2,000 extra naked.” His twitter page says that he is “pro-prey, looking for a change.” This could be total bull-shit, but it’s still funnier than hell.

3. And speaking of the unemployed…Shaquille O’Neal is apparently now part of the employed world, according to Bleacher Report. It looks like Shaq is taking his talents to TNT and joining Chuck and Kenny in the studio. If this does happen, it should be pretty entertaining or it could fly South quite quickly. You know Charles is going to be his usual self, Shaq will probably overcompensate being it’s his first year, and Kenny could get drowned out. Either way, I’m glad to see that Shaq and Chuck got over this little incident:

4. Keith Carmickie is a lucky Son of a Bitch! Less than a week after a baseball fan fell to his death while attempting to catch a ball at a Texas Rangers game, Carmickie almost fell 20 FT., himself while attempting to catch a ball during the MLB All-Star Home Run Derby last night. But lucky for him, his brother, a friend, and a handful of fans grabbed a hold of him and pulled him back over the railings to safety.


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