BEST OF Tim and Sid: Uncut “News PIMP Pizzo’s Updates”

On Tuesday’s edition of BEST OF Tim and Sid: Uncut, we were treated to the BEST OF: Pizzo’s Updates. Pizzo has brought some great updates throughout the history of Tim and Sid: Uncut and every one has always brought some great debates, serious talk, or straight up hilarity. Be sure to tune into today’s show as Bronsteter highlights some of the best updates from “News PIMP” Robert Q. Pizzo.

1. Pizzo injures himself from doing squats. He calls in from home.

2. “We Will Rock You” was voted the “Best Arena Music” – Damn you Freddie!
3. The best television themes of all time (Pizzo introduces the new LeBron James cartoon)
4. Hitchhiking Bono gets a ride from Edmonton Oiler Gilbert Brule. (I’d suggest listening to the dude with the high pitch at 2:09)

5. Minor Hockey and Hitting Debate. 

Remember to check out for the entire, unedited podcast or download the latest episode on iTunes.


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