BEST OF Tim and Sid: Uncut “Tim and Sid Talk Food & The Best/Worst of Hainser”

Good Hump Day Tim and Sidizens. Welcome to another solid edition of BEST OF Tim and Sid: Uncut, where some of the best Tim and Sid: Uncut moments are brought together for your edu-tainment. On today’s episode, Bronsteter collected some of the best Food Talk and Best/Worst Hainser moments that have taken place over the past few months. And in many cases, these two topics tend to blend together from time to time. Enjoy!

1. The 6″ Veggie Sub, Sid’s Diet, and everyone loves Poutine.
2.  Someone steals Seixeiro’s fries from Zupas. The boys call him “Chindon Pinch”. I’m guessing it could be theScore’s own Mr. Court Cuts.
3. The guys celebrate Sid’s 34th Birthday and deliver him a “Vagine” Cake, according to Pizzo.
4. The guys take a little break and listen to Hainser lay down some voice over work.

1. The First Ever Hainser’s Corner.
2. CUT or UNCUT: Eating while sitting on a toilet. Hainser weighs in.
3. Hainser, Pizzola’s Capris, and Sid’s stolen pants.
4. Hainser tries to steal a bagel from a Tim and Sidizen at Tim Hortons.

Remember, the mini-reviews don’t do justice. Download today’s BEST OF show on iTunes or head over to for the online streaming podcast. You don’t want to miss today’s episode.


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