Bronsteter and Hainser Have A Dance-Off & Tim and Sid: Uncut Invade theScore Summer Party

Good afternoon Tim and Sidizens….welcome to another entry of randomness. Remember, Tim and Sid: Uncut is on a two-week hiatus and won’t be airing any live shows until July 25th. During those two weeks though, listeners will be treated to a BEST OF Tim and Sid: Uncut series that you surely won’t want to miss. So at the request of Tim and Sidizens, I’ll be filling days here discussing Tim and Sidizen’s Updates, a short photo review of the BEST OF episodes, and anything else that is Tim and Sid: Uncut.

If you follow any of the boys on twitter, you’re sure to know that theScore had it’s annual Summer Party last night. Another event for the employees to create long lasting bonds, share stories, get shit-faced, jump into pools, and dance like Michael Flatley.

From the get go, twitter was a buzz with the upcoming Score Summer Party….from what I could see, Hainser threw out the first challenge. Nothing like a little Hi-Jinx?

As the night was just getting started, a few of the boys from Tim and Sid: Uncut enjoyed the patio while sippin’ on some brews (Noon, Pizzo, Seixeiro)…

…Our boy Bronsteter however, preferred a little bit of the white wine. Why not some Ice Tea coolers?

Of course there were a few young lookin’ people at the party who had to be ID’d to make sure they could drink the good shit…

…but it goes to show that just because you’re of legal age, doesn’t mean you can handle your liquor. (Camera Operator, Ryan Stratton)

Speaking of handling your liquor…a little too much wine? A dance-off between Bronsteter and Hainser ensued as the night progressed. Who gets down better? (The video of this has yet to surface…I’ll keep my eye out Tim and Sidizens)

Jungle BoogieKool and the Gang

(Proof that a video does indeed exist)

Also revealed last night, but I have a feeling it was the wine… “Capri” Pizzola tweeted the following…

…but that rumour was shot down by Hainser Nation himself. It looks like the mystery tweeter is still unknown.

It appears a fun night was had by all and I’m sure there’s a lot more stories that will be revealed in the coming days or stories that will remain a secret for good. But that’s what a staff social is…Good Times! If debauchery doesn’t happen, what a shitty place to work. Happy Summer Score peeps and everyone in Score-ville!

* Remember to stay tuned for Tim and Sidizen’s Updates and the BEST OF Tim and Sid: Uncut review


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