Tim and Sidizen Updates: NHL ’12, Heath Bell Does Some Good, B-Weezy Has No Room In The Crotch, and “I Wouldn’t Piss On Him If The Man Was On Fire.”

Good evening Tim and Sidizens! The 2-week hiatus from Tim and Sid: Uncut continues. During that time, Pizzo is still getting over his Montreal Hangover, Noon is back to work, Sid is hating on kids who jump in pools, Bronsteter is laying down some serious dance moves, and Tim still ain’t getting respect from Carleton. In saying all that though, I present you with your daily Tim and Sidizen Updates (until Pizzo gets back):

1. First Ben is accused of sexual assault, Hines Ward is arrested for a DUI, Mendenhall tweets about feeling bad for Bin Laden, and now James Harrison adds to the ever-growing bad boy image of the Pittsburgh Steelers. In an upcoming issue of Men’s Journal, Harrison calls out both his teammates and the NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell. Some highlights in the article include Harrison calling Goodell a devil, a thief, a dictator and a puppet, and saying, “If that man was on fire and I had to piss on him to put him out, I wouldn’t do it. I hate him and will never respect him.” In regards to Roethlisberger, he goes on to say, “Hey, at least throw a pick on their side of the field instead of asking the D to bail you out again. (regarding the picks thrown by Ben in the Superbowl). Come on James, tell us how you really feel. The wrath of Goodell could be huge.

2. With all the negative press that baseball has gotten over the last few years – the ‘roid era (and for good reason), it’s guys like the San Diego Padres, Heath Bell, that are trying to bring it back. During the All-Star game last night, Bell stopped by and chatted with some kids at the game. If I was a 12 year old kid, this would be the coolest shit ever.

3. From time to time, everyone’s favourite hockey game from the past, NHL ’94, is mentioned on the show. Recently, the trailer for NHL ’12 was released and all I keep thinking is, “Wow, what a difference 17 years make.” Long gone are the shitty one-timers…Apparently, this game is going to have the following: You can flatten a guy skating through the neutral zone and put him to the ice for not paying attention while carrying the puck, you can put players over the boards, rough up the goaltender and cause chaos in the crease. Check out the trailer below.

4. It looks like B-Weezy is continuing his goal of becoming the Lady Gaga of the MLB. At the 2011 ESPYs, the San Francisco Giants relief pitcher looked more like a penguin than a dude in a suit. Brian Wilson showed up to the red carpet wearing a black and white spandex tuxedo. You can’t tell me that was comfortable for the junk.



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