Jonas Valanciunas Gets Some Sugar From President Dalia Grybauskaite

As promised Tim and Sidizens, I’m going to be grabbing news from everywhere until Tim, Sid, Noon, Bronsteter, and Pizzo return. Until then, you’re left with me rambling about whatever is available in the sports world. Tonight, I bring you more news about the newest Toronto Raptor, Jonas Valanciunas. If Tim can’t tweet it in fear of backlash, then I’ll post it.

Since Big V helped Lithuania win the FIBA U-19 World Championships, the country has been in party mode. This past Monday, in front of thousands of fans, Valanciunas and his teammates were honoured by Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite in the main square of Vilnius’ Old Town.

During an interview after the celebration, Jonas had some thoughts regarding the Men’s Lithuanian National Team.

* The following excerpt below was taken from a Lithuanian paper and I did my best to translate it. Therefore, the grammar below is out of whack and to prevent trying to alter Jonas’ comments, I decided to leave it as is. You can still make out what he’s saying and it’s clear that he respects the men’s team and understands that making the team will not be a walk in the park. The kid seems to be mature…it’s a good sign.

“Gold medal at the World Basketball Championship in 19-year olds who won the Lithuanian national team leader John Valanciunas going to do everything said to enter the Lithuanian men’s basketball team. He thus acknowledged that access to it will be difficult, because there playing basketball is a lot older and have more experience than the young. 

“Men’s basketball teams begin camp on Sunday. In the evening we will begin all have a choice. Discouraged or not, is present in the team, I do not know. Will try to do everything that patekčiau. If excluded, it will only be greater incentive to engage in more of what I am doing more work. If you are, it will be very happy, I will endeavor to fight and possibly to transport one more victory to Lithuania “, – the President said Mr awards Valanciunas 

Lithuanian youth team captain acknowledged that access to the men’s team will be very difficult. 

“There was a whole different level. It is difficult to compare our and their team, as the men’s team of candidates and our age and experience are very different. Men are a higher caliber than we, the children “, – assured Mr Valanciunas.

Predict the experience of Lithuanian men’s team championship of the country’s young basketball dared to hope. “I think it is very difficult to predict, because the sport is a sport. But all of a burning desire to play and win something, so it can help us, “- said one of the candidates to play in the national Lithuanian men’s basketball team.

Later that evening, the team had a more formal meeting with the President and again showered with medals and accolades.

And for those willing to sit through a video of the above ceremony, feel free to check out below. But if you’re like me, just fast forward to 8:20 of the video.

Congratulations Jonas. If meeting the President isn’t cool enough, you even got some sugar from her. Good luck with the upcoming Lithuanian Men’s National Team – I’ll be pulling for you.


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