Tim and Sidizen Updates: The Worst Baseball Players, John Noon Is Probably Green With Envy, Elaine Fakes In The Sack, & Men Soccer Players Have Vagines.

Happy Thursday Tim and Sidizens! I hope all you guys/gals are havng a wonderful Summer so far. It’s hard to believe that we’re already into mid-July but at least we have August to look forward to. While Tim and Sid: Uncut Live is off the air until July 25th, remember to tune in daily for the BEST OF series brought to you by Producer Aaron Bronsteter. These BEST OFs will air Monday – Friday – same time, same place. And in the meantime, until Pizzo is back rocking the updates, I bring you another edition of Tim and Sidizen’s Updates:

1. The first update today is for Mr. John Noon. Who remembers Noon’s  statement that he’d rather have a Hole-in-One than win a BMW? Well, it looks like a little girl from Illinois never has to worry about that question. Yesterday, news circulated that 6-year old Reagan Kennedy, from Bloomington, Illinois, sank a hole-in-one on the 3rd Hole (85 yrds.) at The Links at Ireland Grove last week. Pretty impressive for the young golfer; she can officially cross a Hole-in-One off her bucket list.

2. As the U.S and Japanese women take to the field on Sunday in the World Cup finals, a research group has released some interesting findings. While all top soccer players are known to fake injuries, it appears that men do it more often than women. Apparently, the researchers examined videos of 47 televised games for men and women from two international tournaments and logged incidents of contact where someone went to the ground. The research group categorized injuries as ‘definite’ if a player left the game within 5 minutes after contact or if there was bleeding was visible while they listed all others as “questionable.” They logged 270 apparent injuries, 5.74 per game, of which 0.78 were “definite” and 4.96 were “questionable. They also found 11.26 injury incidents in men’s soccer matches – twice as many – but the rate of ‘definite’ injuries was halved. So while women fake it, men fake it a lot more. The same can’t be said for Elaine from Seinfeld – that chicks a regular theatre in the bedroom…unless you’re Kramer. Check out the full video here to see what I’m talking about.

3. Deadspin’s “100 Worst Baseball Players of All Time” list just came out. The shittiest player of all time? Mario Mendoza. Some other notable names include Michael Jordan, Danny Ainge, Ozzie Guillen, Ozzie Canseco, and Tommy Lasorda. And from the looks of it, a lot of Seattle Mariners are considered the worst ball players around. You can check out the full list here.

* Remember to tune into today’s episode of BEST OF Tim and Sid: Uncut at 4PM ET on SIRIUS Radio Channel 158.


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