Did Holger Geschwindner Really Help Dirk? Or Was It The Booty?

Let’s chaulk up another random entry from the world of basketball until Tim and Sid: Uncut return to live air. After today, they boys will be halfway through their 2-week hiatus and all the Tim and Sidizens will have some fresh, brand new sports and edu-tainment news to listen to.

During this year’s NBA Playoffs, news circulated that Dirk Nowitzki had himself a new, fine looking female. Nowitzki supposedly met the Swedish babe, Jessica Olsson, while visiting Scotland. Olsson also lives in the Dallas area and is the manager at the Art Gallery of George Michael. The old saying, “Behind every great man is a great woman” seems to ring true here as Dirk and the Mavericks defeated the darkside this past postseason. A far cry from the crazy nuts jobs that Nowitzki has dated in the past – who could forget Cristal Taylor?

While the news about Dirk’s newest love came out a few months ago, it seems that many people heard it for the first time during this year’s ESPYs because twitter blew up with comments from everyone, especially athletes:

It appears Kanye West’s lyrics for Golddigger, “But when you get on, he leave yo’ ass for a white girl.” doesn’t ring true in this case. If Kobe was smart, he would of had his wife Vanessa hang around with this gal instead of Silvia Lopez Castro (Gasol’s ex-girlfriend). 

Remember to tune in this afternoon Tim and Sidizens for a brand new episode of BEST OF Tim and Sid: Uncut at 4PM ET on theScore Radio or SIRIUS Radio Channel 158.


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