TimSidizen’s Deep Thoughts: Woodbine Racing, MK, & Score Tonight

We’re almost there Tim and Sidizens – less than a week from now, Tim, Sid, Bronsteter, Noon, Pizzo….and the “sometimes” dependable Hainser will be back entertaining us five days a week from 4-5pm. In the meantime, during this slow period before the boys come back, expect a random blog here and there.

* Disclaimer: I’m just stating facts and presenting a listeners/viewers (the soon-to-be wife) opinion. And if it shatters my dream of ever working there, so be it. Names of hosts will not be released, unless you want to look them up yourself.

Last night prior to supper, MK (my better half) and I were channel surfing on the television trying to escape the heat when we stopped on theScore television channel. At that time
the station was airing “Woodbine Racing Live on The Score”. This particular show allows viewers to catch thoroughbred horseracing from the Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto. While I’ve never watched the show before, I am familiar with it and aware that it’s on theScore’s program schedule. As I was about to flip the channel again, MK asked that I leave it on for a second because she wanted to watch the hosts for a second. I should note that MK doesn’t listen to the Tim and Sid: Uncut or watch sports, but like most people, she knows what she likes and doesn’t like. Some questions popped out of her mouth:

1. “Why is there horseracing on the sports channel?”
2. “These hosts are kind of boring. Who are they?”
3. “Does anyone watch this?”
4.“Where’s Tim and Sid?”

While I couldn’t answer all her questions, we had a pretty engaging discussion. MK met Tim and Sid several weeks ago at theScore so I think she feels a little bit of loyalty towards the two when she asked the last question but she did make some good points. She said she found them “highly entertaining, funny, very personable, easy to relate/talk to”, and felt like“they were guys we would hang out.” She finished her comments by saying “If Tim (Micallef) and Sid (Seixeiro) are some of the best broadcasters for theScore, why aren’t they on television?”

I went on to explain to her that Tim and Sid are on television at times for programs such as Court Surfing, 24 in 30, The Footy Show, etc. but it seems she couldn’t get over the fact that they weren’t doing a show together. From there, I grabbed the laptop and gave her a brief history lesson about Score Tonight, a show once hosted by Tim and Sid before it was axed in 2009. Up to this point, MK had never seen the show before but from the little bits she watched, she said it was highly entertaining and “better than what was on TV now.” 

By this time, dinner was ready and MK and I stopped the discussion but it got me thinking…Why isn’t Tim and Sid: Uncut on television? Is there particular reason? 24 in 30 is a radio show/podcast that airs on the station at times. At first I thought maybe the topics or language used sometimes could be too risque for theScore to air but with Eastbound & Down airing uncensored, that theory was thrown out the window. Would anyone else be interested in seeing Tim and Sid: Uncut on television?

For me personally, I enjoyed Score Tonight…the sports informaiton came fast and furious, the highlights were great, discussions between the two was funny, and I always I had a “I can relate with these guys” attitude. While I understand Tim and Sidizens may never see Score Tonight on air again, why not the Tim and Sid: Uncut show? While 2009 is not far behind us, in the age of social media and computers, it could be considered a decade.
– I didn’t know anyone on Twitter in 2009…and if you were, it wasn’t near as popular as it is now
– Podcasts were somewhat new to me
– Facebook hadn’t quite hit it’s peak
– Mobile Apps were still being developed
– And the list goes on…

* The following information below was taken from a Twitter Blog in March of this year discussing the 5th Birthday of Twitter

Social Media has come a long way since 2009 and I feel as though the Tim and Sidizens Army around Canada, and the world for that matter, has only increased. Being the #1 Sports podcast in the nation doesn’t happen without support from the listeners and if you ask me, being able to listen and view (TV) Tim and Sid: Uncut would be an easy and welcomed transition. If you have your own booblehead, I’m pretty sure you should be televised on a regular basis. 

I should note, these are only rants from a Tim and Sidizen. The absence of Tim and Sid: Uncut live gets the ol’ brain ticking and every now and then you’ll get one of these lengthy blog entries. I’m looking for some fillers until Tim and Sid: Uncut return so stay tuned for the next couple of entries as I reminisce and walk us down memory lane of Score Tonight, Tim and Sid, and theScore.


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