EuroBasket 2011: Run Jonas, Run!

Uncle Timmy’s favourite new Raptor…wait, he was only presenting facts and shit. But Toronto’s No. 5 pick in this year’s NBA draft, Jonas Valanciunas, has officially begun try-outs with the men’s Lithuanian national team. After his dominating performance at the FIBA U-19 World Championships, it will be interesting to see how Big V. plays against players his own size and who are more skilled than the opponents he faced at the U-19s.

The Lithuanian basketball team physical fitness trainer for the last 37 years, Evaldas Kandratavicius, said he had no complaints so far with the nineteen candidates. Thanks to Google Translate, I was able to break down a little bit of what the trainer had to say so far about training camp (courtesy of Alfa.It sports site):

“The first type of training was lead, and today we tried to simulate runs very similar to those that take place during the basketball game. Therefore, it is normal, if the players said today that they were hotter than the first day.”

Apparently Evaldas likes to run outdoors in the heat and humidty…I’m pretty impressed seeing as most North American teams are prepped inside an air conditioned gymnasium.

“Life does not stop team, each team dvyliktuką mail indicator to others – not. In any case, all received the workload will be useful – everyone will raise their level of physical fitness. So men are willing and no one there is no doubt about what we gathered here. Last year, have received much praise for the almost perfect physical preparation of players.”

Run Jonas, Run! Good luck with the try-outs and from all the Tim and Sidizens, Raptor Nation, and theScore..we wish you all the best. Kick some motherf**kin’ ass.


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