“Scope In My Two Step Is What I Like” and Score Tonight

As discussed in the previous entry, I was going to reflect on the history of Tim and Sid for Tim and Sidizens that listen to the Tim and Sid: Uncut radio show, especially for some of the new listeners. A little history lesson – Micallef and Seixeiro used to help host a television show called Score Tonight. According to Wikipedia, “it was the flagship news and highlights program that aired weeknights on the network.” The show involved weekly highlights, Cabbie on the Street, Gerry Dee, sports talk, and edu-tainment. If you’re unaware of the show, check out the promo videos used to advertise Score Tonight below. The boys teamed up with Grimace LUV and DAN-E-O and delivered some pure gold; lyrical masters who spit rhymes like it was nobody’s business.

And if you want to get a little taste of Score Tonight, check out some of the highlights below. In the first clip, Cabbie completely throws Tim and Sid under the bus by giving shout-outs to his Cabbie on the Street Fan Club. The conversation is pretty funny.

And in another clip, we get a little bit of Tim, Sid, and Cabbie doing the Ladies Man Edition or Sid’s Wet Dream of Plays of the Week. It’s interesting to note that you can’t say “Dick in a box” on air, but “Cock and a hen” is completely fine.

Remember to check out the BEST OF Tim and Sid: Uncut episode this afternoon Tim and Sidizens on theScore Radio or SIRIUS Radio Channel 158 at 4PM ET. We are at the end of week 2 in the show’s hiatus; new episodes are on the horizon! Time to rejoice.


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