Sid “Captain” Seixeiro, Sid’s Statute, and DRAFTED 3

Prior to Tim and Sid: Uncut going off air for their two-week hiatus, Seixeiro mentioned that during the time off, he was going to be doing some work in preparation for season three of theScore’s Gillette DRAFTED: The Search for Canada’s Next Sportscaster. According to a press release from Score Media, “a winner will be crowned with a one-year contract as Score Media’s newest sportscaster contributing to theScore Television Network,, ScoreMobile, theScore Satellite Radio, plus a one-year spokesperson contract with Gillette.”

Tim and Sid: Uncut‘s very own Sid Seixeiro will be one of the judges this year and he will be helping to determine whose got what it takes to be the next “big thing.” In past episodes of Tim and Sid: Uncut, Sid has mentioned numerous times that he himself started off at theScore as an intern with a bunch of guys…they kept a couple of them…after 2 weeks, he was the one that stuck. During DRAFTED 3, I’m sure Sid won’t take any shit from the finalists – he’s the CAPTAIN!

I do have one idea though for Sid. In past seasons, finalists’ knowledge on sports is usually tested…My suggestion is that Sid ask them if they are aware of Sid’s Statute. If they don’t know what it is? Fail. Give them the boot, get them out of there, adios. (sarcasm, of course)

Below are a few photos from past seasons: Seixeiro during DRAFTED: The First Season, winner of season one Paul Brothers, and winner of season two Brent Furtney.

This blog is everything about Tim and Sid: Uncut and anything Tim, Sid, Bronsteter, Noon, Pizzo, and Hainser. So make sure you tune into DRAFTED 3 and support our boy Sid Seixeiro. I’m sure his antics and “Sidisms” will be alive and well this season.

* Stayed tuned Tim and Sidizens for Tim and Sid: Uncut photo reviews shortly from the BEST OF series.


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