Tim Micallef’s “Murdaherer” Soundbite

During the BEST OF Tim and Sid: Uncut series, there was a lot of response to the “Master-Debaters” episode from earlier this week. When Tim, Sid, and DJ were discussing the topic of cheap shots in the NHL, Tim threw out his famous “MURDAHERER” during the conversation. It seemed to be a fan favourite because I received a bunch of responses from Tim and Sidizens requesting I add it to the soundboard. I managed to loop the “timism” several times to increase it’s length (see below) and the original will be added to the Tim and Sid: Uncut Soundboard for easy access in the future. More to follow Tim and Sidizens as I attempt to re-vamp this particular section.

And a special shout-out to loyal listener, Alex Dumitru, for being the first Tim and Sidizen to request said soundbite. Thanks for reading the blog and listening to the show Alex!

MurdahererTim Micallef


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