TimSidizen’s Deep Thoughts: Tim and Sid: Uncut Results

At the request of several Tim and Sidizens, I agreed to follow up and let them know the results of “Should Tim and Sid: Uncut Be On Television?”. Several Tim and Sidizens around the nation have responded to my Deep Thoughts blog entry regarding the idea and over a two-day period, the results so far are as follows:

Several things can be determined from the data:

1. It’s obvious that many people would like to see Tim and Sid: Uncut on the television.
2. There are 2 Tim and Sidizens who enjoy “Theatre of the Mind Fuck”.
3. 26% of Tim and Sidizens would like to consume Tim and Sid: Uncut on television and radio/podcast.
4. And a few Tim and Sidizens believe Tim and Sid should do something else other than television or radio/podcast.  

Who knows…maybe one day Tim and Sid: Uncut will be on television and their first guest will be Jonas Valanciunas…wearing sandels in front of Seixeiro…while Micallef tweets the newest Raptors’ EuroBasket tournament statistics.

And don’t forget listeners; this week will be pretty exciting for Tim and Sidizens as Tim and Sid: Uncut return live to theScore and SIRIUS Radio Channel 158. “I can’t wait!”


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