BEST OF Tim and Sid: Uncut “Bob Cole, Chocolate Milk, Mansbridge Throws To The Economy, & Dwane Casey”

Happy Monday Tim and Sidizens…the end of the 2-week hiatus is just about over and a big thank you to all of you for sticking around during the slow period. The blog continues to blow up and the support has been amazing. Tim and Sid: Uncut will return this upcoming Wednesday July 27th at 4PM ET on theScore Radio and SIRIUS Radio Channel 158.

On today’s BEST OF Tim and Sid: Uncut, Bronsteter played an episode from July 4th. Topics included on this afternoon’s episode were:

1. Bob Cole and “I love the darn game.”
2. Either OR: Chocolate Milk vs. Vanilla Milkshake
3. Sid calls into the show while on holidays to congratulate the Boston Bruins and call out the CBC for their shitty coverage on the Vancouver riots
4. Dwane Casey joins the boys just after being named the newest coach of the Toronto Raptors 

Only a couple of days left Tim and Sidizens and the boys will be back on air live providing our hourly dose of sports and edu-tainment. #REALTALK


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