Don’t Be Straight Foss! LIKE The Tim and Sid: Uncut Facebook Page…Please

Since posting the Tim and Sid: Uncut Facebook link two weeks ago on the sidebar, Tim and Sidizens are slowly liking the page and the fan facebook numbers are increasing. The show’s profile was stagnant over the past couple of months stuck on 800 likes, but after looking today, it’s increased to 824. It might be happening at a snail’s pace, but it’s increasing nonetheless.

If you haven’t LIKED the Tim and Sid: Uncut facebook page yet, do so because it contains photos, allows you leave feedback, and provides news regarding upcoming episodes. From what I hear, the guys do check the site from time to time and are always open to comments and suggestions. If you don’t have twitter, this is the next best thing to get up-to-date information on Tim and Sid: Uncut. Click here for immediate access or check the sidebar.

Let’s try and get 1000 fans of the page by the end of summer. Remember, one more day Tim and Sidzens and “the boys are back in town”!


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