LeBron Might Of Went To South Beach…But Kevin Love Is Taking His Talents To Manhattan Beach

What do you do when there’s an NBA lockout about to happen? You start playing volleyball and hang out with some pretty hot ladies. From Larry Brown Sports, Kevin Love announced this afternoon that he’s going to be playing in the Manhattan Beach Open next month. The Timberwolves Power Forward is trading in his sneakers for bare feet.

“Jose Cuervo came to me and said that they wanted me to be a part of it and I took it and ran with it — I thought it was a home run. It’s a different thing I could use throughout the lockout to keep active and kind of have fun with, so I’m very excited about it.”

When asked if he has more ideas like this for the future during the lockout…

“I’m not opposed to anything. I’m down to try new things and new sports, so I’m definitely taking the Ochocinco route. I’m definitely down to try anything, I think it’s fun.”

Forget Turkey and overseas ball. I’d stick with volleyball K. Love…Sun, Jose Cuervo, and Hot Girls? You my friend, are spending your time wisely.

All new episodes of Tim and Sid: Uncut begin airing tomorrow Tim and Sidizens! #CantWait


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