Tim and Sid: Uncut & iTunes “Subscribe, Rate, Comment, and Rich Eisen’s Throne”

With Tim and Sid: Uncut returning to the airwaves live tomorrow afternoon, it’s important to keep the momentum going and continue helping theScore and the boys behind the radio show remain the #1 podcast in the nation.

Three important steps that will help Tim and Sid: Uncut stay at the top and continue to climb the charts of epic proportions. First, create or sign into your iTunes account and do one or all of the following three things.

1. Go to the iTunes Page (Tim and Sid: Uncut CLICK HERE) and Subscribe to the podcast from iTunes.

2. Click on the number of stars for the rating you think Tim and Sid: Uncut deserves.
3. Write a sentence or two review of the show and comment on how badass it is or if you think it’s crap.

If we all do this, heads will start rolling, Tim and Sid: Uncut will continue to be the number one podcast, and Rich Eisen will be sobing at night because he was thrown off his podcast throne. Thanks to all the Tim and Sidizens! Keep listening to Tim and Sid: Uncut and reading the review blog. You guys are the best fans ever!



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