TimSidizen’s Updates: “Old Yeller” Favre, Sansone’s Tweet, Theismann’s Bacterial Infection, Lateral Movement, and Micallef’s Free Agency Frenzy

It’s Tuesday Tim and Sidizens, one day closer to Wednesday and a brand new, live episode of Tim and Sid: Uncut. But enough with the nice chat though – the BEST OF Tim and Sid: Uncut series was entertaining for awhile, but now I’m over it. I ready for Tim, Sid, Bronsteter, Noon, and Pizzo to show up tomorrow with guns a’ blazin’. We’ll finally get our hourly dosage of sports and edu-tainment from the doctors at theScore. So this will be the last entry for TimSidizen’s Updates for the next while as Pizzo will be back bringing random sports news to the masses.

1. Brett Favre will not go away. As reported over the weekend, rumours were circulating around the NFL that the Philadelphia Eagles were interested in signing the 41-year old QB. While the news seems to be more fiction than fact right now, Vick doesn’t help the rumours by tweeting “I would be honoured to have Brett Favre as a backup.” Either Vick really is happy about Favre joining the team, or he’s just letting Old Yeller know that he’s not starting. As an Eagles fan, this is not something I look forward too as I think Favre brings more distraction than play. Between the “Deciding whether to play last year” and “sex-ting incident”, his antics just got old after awhile. theScore’s Greg Sansone had a great tweet about the story.

Sansone won tweet of the day this past Sunday.

2. Still with the NFL, former quarterback and Super Bowl Champion, Joe Theismann has teamed up with SaniBrands to introduce a new mouth rinse designed for players who wear mouthguards. Theismann himself apparently caught a bacterial infection in 1971 after a game in Montreal, where he was sick for approximately three weeks.

3. Now that the NFL season is a go, bring on the Double Sessions, Two-A-Days, and Hell Week – some players are going to wish they stayed in shape. But not the Minnesota Vikings’ Bryant McKinnie…It seems that McKinnie has been working during the lockout and is poised to hit the field in top shape. According to TMZ, the Offensive Tackle has been training with the Williams’ Sisters (Venus and Serena). He goes on to tell TMZ that they’ve been helping him with his lateral movement and acceleration forwards and backwards. I bet they were helping him with his acceleration forwards and backwards. When McKinnie hits the field, it will be interesting to see if he actually paid attention to the drills or just the breasties.

4. It was reported yesterday that several NBA stars received $400,000 (tax free) to play in several exhibition games in the Philippines over the weekend. Kobe Bryant, along with Kevin Durant and Derrick Rose, received the serious coin for merely playing in 2 games and spending a hour or so before and after the game with media, fans, etc. Hypothetically, the trio probably worked 6 hours a day. That $400,000 breaks down to $200,000 a day or close to $33,333 an hour. I’m obviously in the wrong line of work.

5. With the NFL lockout officially over, I’d suggest checking out Tim Micallef’s take on the upcoming free agency frenzy. According to Tim, this will be the largest free agent class in history. #StraightCashHomie Click here to check out Micallef’s NFL Free Agency video.


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