Thank You TimandSid-izens: Trending and #TimandSid

Thank you TimandSid-izens!

It was a great first day for the boys of Tim and Sid: Uncut after a long two week hiatus from live air. Many of you hashtagged the shit out of #timandsid and I’m sure theScore, Tim, Sid, Bronsteter, Noon, Pizzo, and even Hainser all appreciated it. The Tim and Sid: Uncut Facebook page made a huge jump, the podcast rose from #6 to the #5 spot in the last hour, and the show made Apple’s “What’s Hot” page meaning TimandSid-izens are subscribing to and downloading the podcast.

A special shout-out to tweeters living in Saskatoon, Toronto, and Thunder Bay as #timandsid was trending in those respective cities.

* Hang tight TimandSid-izens…I’m currently working on today’s review and it will be up this evening or first thing tomorrow morning. 


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