Jose Bautista Loves His Booster Juice…But What About Sid?

“Fruit can go fuck itself.” – Sid Seixeiro

The Toronto Blue Jays and MLB All-Star Jose Bautista celebrated his first ever Canadian endorsement deal this morning with juice and smoothie bar, Booster Juice. The Jays slugger was down on York Street signing autographs for fans and taking pictures. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but I’m sure a free booster for life was in the contract.

I wonder if Bonds ever drank the famous drink?

“I’ll have the Berry Cream Sensation please.”

Server: “What booster would you like with that sir?”
Bonds: “Hmmm, gimme…gimme the Sosa ‘Roid booster please.”

Unfortunately though, not everyone seems to agree with this healthly smoothie option. Thanks to another inside source this morning, the photo above clearly shows Sid having complete disgust for the wheatgrass shot. That shit ain’t putting hairs on your chest anytime soon.


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