NFL’s C.R.E.A.M, The Toronto Blue Jays Get Younger, and Cam Stewart Has A “Burning Passion”?

“We’re back, we’re live.
And we’re a little bit fatter. (that’s true, that’s true)
I like burgers in my mouth. (that’s not the only thing)
It’s been a good two weeks.
Famous, run that bitch.”

Holy Shit TimandSid-izens! After two weeks of being off the air, Tim and Sid: Uncut have returned to theScore Radio and SIRIUS Radio Channel 158. The BEST OF series served it’s purpose for the first while, but by day 13, I was itching for new sports and edu-tainment. From all the TimandSid-izens, welcome back boys. As always, the show was stacked. Bronsteter and Noon were behind the glass, Pizzo was around somewhere, and Tim and Sid were ready to rock. The topics for today’s episode included: Us, the Jays, Summer, Santonio Holmes, Drafted 3, Ervin Santana, 6-hour ball games, Hainser, Golf, and some possible stories.

Right from the start you could tell that the boys were pumped to go, especially Tim. He was tweeting all this morning about his excitement, whereas Sid didn’t say shit #sarcasm. In all seriousness though, they all sounded pretty happy to be back on air, ready to discuss sports and edu-tainment. They do bring up the fact though that over the break, they did receive a lot of “I Hate Bronsteter” tweets and emails from fans throwing jabs at Orville for his voiceovers for the BEST OF series. “Some people just annihilated you. It warmed my heart.”, said Sid. “I’m happy I could put together the BEST OF Tim and Sid and the worst of Bronsteter all into one incredible package.”, replied Bronsteter sarcastically.

Conversation then flowed into why the boys were absent for the last while. As discussed in an earlier blog over the two week break, I mentioned that Seixeiro was working on theScore television series DRAFTED 3. Sid was working 12 hour days and it was just too much from him to work on DRAFTED 3 and come in to do the show so it was decided that Tim and Sid: Uncut and 24 in 30 would be shut down for the time being. Sid goes on to mention that Tim was also part of the show this year and when asked if he liked it, Micallef only provided dead air as he found it hard to find an answer. Finally he threw out, “It was very awkward. I was stuck halfway between absolutely murdering them and helping them out.” Sid goes on to explain that this was natural seeing as both of them are pros in the business, but it is still just a reality show. There’s pauses, they have to get the right shot, and flow does not exist. In regards to the finalists for the show, “It’s unfair what we did to them but it was kind of awesome.”, said Sid.

Just before they are about to talk some sports though, Sid brings up the fact that some listener tweeted to the boys early in their hiatus and challenged them by saying that they took time off because there was nothing going on in the world of sports. Tim thought the tweeter was joking, but it seems that Sid took offence to this, “Sarcasm doesn’t translate to the written word so I didn’t know how to take it. I’ll tell you how I took it – fuck off!”

Hainser’s Corner
See upcoming entry for the full review of Hainser’s Corner.

NFL Lockout and Free Agent Frenzy

C.R.E.A.MWu-Tang Clan

Well, unless you’ve been hiding under a rock over the last couple of days, you should know that the NFL is no longer in a lockout. Huge news for any football fan, great news for the players, and even better news for the owners. “Like the great WU-Tang taught us…Cash rules everything around me, C.R.E.A.M, get the money, dollar, dollar bill ya’ll.”, said Tim. Sid seconds that thought and goes on to say that the league was too smart to let this go. While it was a shitty thing to go through, everyone wasn’t surprised to see it end. $9 billion a year? That deal is getting signed. And now that the lockout is over, player movement has already begun:

Donovan McNabb
The first guy up for discussion was quarterback Donovan McNabb. McNabb was acquired by the Minnesota Vikings from the Washington Redskins for a 6th round pick in 2012, a conditional 6th round pick in 2013, and McNabb will also have to restructure his 5-year $78 million deal that he originally signed with the Redskins last year. “What a year a difference makes. McNabb was sent to the Vikings for basically a couple of hot pockets and a six pack of Sarasota.”, said Micallef. It’s true, the Redskins are pretty much getting nothing in return. For a QB that was so highly thought of last year, it’s funny how much difference a year makes. Sid weighs in, “So him getting that $70 million extension…that will go down as the most useless story of all time? What a fucking waste. Dan Snyder must be fuckin’ bored out of his mind.”

Kevin Kolb
The second player rumoured to be moving and discussed was the Philadelphia Eagles’ Kevin Kolb. The Eagles are doing everything they can to try and get a 1st round draft pick for the QB, but up until six minutes ago (10:35pm), no deal has been finalized. The Arizona Cardinals seem interested but no one’s pulled the trigger. Both Tim and Sid agree that Kolb is a good player and what happened to him in Philadelphia last year was a shame. Sid make a good point that what Michael Vick did last year though, by taking the starting job…only happens every 10 years. While Tim believes the price for Kolb might be a little high, Sid doesn’t seem to think so, “Kolb didn’t lose his job. Vick just took it.”

Matt Hasselbeck
Another QB on the move people! According to Tim and Sid, Hasselbeck, who played the last 10 seasons with the Seattle Seahawks and took them to the 2005 Super Bowl, has worked out a multi-year deal with the Titans. This move by the Titans also spells out the end of the Vince Young and Titans era. They both agree that after last season, there’s no way Young gets a starting job anytime soon. When you think about it, it’s also hard to believe that after all the success that Jeff Fisher and Vince Young had in the past, both are no longer with the team.

Sid goes off track for a second and asks the boys what The View’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck might think of her brother-in-law moving to Tennessee? It’s obvious that the boys agree with me in thinking that Elisabeth is nuts and Tim goes on to ask who is worse, Elisabeth Hasselbeck or Nancy Grace? For me personally, that’s like trying to pick a favourite child – both can be complete nut jobs. But according to Seixeiro, “There’s guys in the radio department, 7 beers in, that would give it a shot (regarding Nancy Grace). If Cam ran into Nancy Grace at a bar, he would try.” “Cam hates Nancy Grace with a burning passion.”, replied Bronsteter. “And that’s what he would have afterwords, a burning passion.”, cried Noon.

Tyler Thigpen

The Buffalo Bills have agreed to a three-year contract with free agent quarterback Tyler Thigpen. This news is pretty funny for all the guys and Tim brings up his tweet from the following night stating his thoughts on said signing.

Other notable signings include:
– Tarvaris Jackson going to the Seattle Seahawks
– Santonio Holmes re-signs with the New York Jets to a deal worth over $50 million. According to Tim, it’s one the biggest guarantees given to a wide receiver. Sid has a funny response, “He also was given one of Antonio Cromartie’s kids in the deal.”
– Matt Leinart reached a deal with the Houston Texans.

Interesting Facts From Pizzo’s Updates
1. Dan Patrick had one of the most awkward interviews with an athlete on Wednesday when retired NFL player Marshall Faulk appeared on the radio show. The suggestion of the possibility of Matt Hasselbeck succeeding as an NFL analyst seems to piss Faulk off for no apparent reason. You can check out the strange interview here.
2. The newest Oakland Raiderette is a GILF. Ol’ Susie Sanchez, 37 years young, had tried out for the cheerleading team in the past but was cut 4 different times. This year however, she finally made it. This is the second Grandmother to become a Raiderette, with the first one making the team in 2003.

3. In other stupid player news, that’s right…more players being stupid. NBA analyst Jalen Rose, and Oiler goaltender, Nikolai Khabibulin were both busted for DUI. Idiots. The funny part of this update was that no one was even paying attention to Pizzo. They were still too busy staring at photos of Susie Sanchez from update #2. “Jesus, she’s old. Oh my God…her tits are three years old, but she’s old.”, cried Sid.

Toronto Blue Jays and Alex Anthopoulos 
The second segment of the show began with discussion on the Toronto Blue Jays and the blockbuster deals that occurred between Toronto, Chicago, and St. Louis this afternoon. The deals look like this:

Toronto: received Colby Rasmus, Mark Teahen, Brian Tallet, Trever Miller, and P.J. Walters
St. Louis: received Corey Patterson, Marc Rzepczynski, Edwin Jackson, Octavio Dotel, and three players to be named later
Chicago: received Jason Frasor and Zach Stewart

This is a huge overhaul for the Blue Jays but it’s something that Anthopoulos has been wanting for awhile. The Blue Jays GM had tried several times in the past to secure Colby Rasmus but has never been able to pull it off. Rasmus was the key acquisition this afternoon and both Tim and Sid find him interesting to say the least. While he’s not producing huge numbers this season, he was ranked the 3rd best prospect in 2009. Sid weighs the positives and believes that him being 24 years of age, being signed through 2015, and having lots of major league games under his belt is a plus.

Jerry Meals and the 6 Hour Game
Time was running out for Tim and Sid but they did quickly discuss the recent 6 hour game that happened the night before between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Atlanta Braves. For a game to go on for so long and then end with a shitty call…it pretty much sucks. Umpire Jerry Meals did not see the tag made by Michael McKenry three feet in front of home plate and Atlanta went on to win the game 4-3 in 19 innings.

Rapid Fire
Unfortunately, Bronsteter didn’t have much time at all for his Rapid Fire and our boy didn’t even introduce the game. But it sounded like he was doing a little Either Or.
– The NFL is back in full swing and there are teams that need quarterbacks. Who would you rather have to start this season. Vince Young, Kevin Kolb, Kyle Orton, or Carson Palmer? As an Eagles fan, I’m going with Kolb. I wish him all the best in the future and it’s a shame he couldn’t remain backup. I’d rather him than the rumoured Favre.
– Which Week 1 season opener are you most excited to see. Packers vs. Saints or Steelers vs. Ravens? I’m in for the rivalry game…Steelers vs. Ravens…huge hits and legitimate hatred for one another.
– If you could bring back any cancelled television show for new episodes, which one would it be? Growing up I had a crush on Gillian Anderson. This is going to be a total geek answer but I have to go with the X-Files. Scully was hot.

Great show from the boys. I think by the time it aired, I was busting with anticipation. When you’ve doing reviews for these guys for the last three months, it’s hard to see them go on a hiatus. I do appreciate the support though from all the readers. Even when Tim and Sid: Uncut was off-air, people still checked out the blog on a regular basis and helped readership continue to sky rocket. I do this for theScore, Tim and Sid: Uncut, and especially the TimandSid-izens. First off, great intro. I can’t believe we began with a Hainser’s Corner…glad to see they got to the bottom of Hainser’s lies. The post-lockout discussion was entertaining – I’m guessing there will be much more trades and signing talk to come over the next couple of days. Pizzo brought some pretty good updates…he has done better in the past, but I think it was just the excitement of being on air again with Tim and Sid. Unfortunately the second segment seemed rush because of all the football talk, but it’s not the boys fault. This is only a 1 hour show and it’s hard to get all the sports and edu-tainment spaced in under 60 minutes. Good job by Bronsteter…pressed for time, he still was able to produce some nice Rapid Fire questions. A solid 9.5/10.


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