Team Canada Loses To Bulgaria While Tristan Thompson Enjoys Some FIFA ’11

This past Friday on Tim and Sid: Uncut, Sid and Tim briefly discussed the men’s national Canadian basketball team. The national team is on a European tour right now and the boys are having a difficult time over there. After falling to France by 62 points this week, the team then went on to lose 79-72 to Bulgaria (ranked 43rd). Sid goes on to note that while there are a few notable players absent (Tristan Thompson, Steve Nash, Jamall Magloire, and Samuel Dalembert), this doesn’t bode well for Team Canada and their goal of making the Olympics. You don’t lose to Bulgaria! It’s too bad that Thompson is not there; he would have been a boost for sure. But hey, besides the occasional workout, the guy is busy with more important stuff.

It just seems strange, especially after his discussion with Tim and Sid: Uncut.
 Tim and Sid: Uncut – July 8th, 2011

I understand that the Cleveland Cavaliers may be a factor influencing Thompson’s decision not to play, but in that case, I probably would have been better with him telling the boys that he’s not 100% sure what he’s going to do when it comes to representing Canada. But who am I to criticize – I’m just a fan of basketball, Team Canada, and Tristan Thompson and I’m only providing the information. You would have given the team a boost Tristan.


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