@GregSansone’s Twitter Stats To The Nth Degree “Give This Man A Twitter Badge!”

If you’ve listened to any Tim and Sid: Uncut over the last couple of weeks, you’ll notice that there’s usually a segment called Sansone’s Tweet Of The Day. Since getting twitter on his Blackberry, the V.P. of theScore’s Television Network is twitter gold and his ability to produce humour in only 140 characters is up there with the best. On Friday’s episode, Sansone was again mentioned but this time it had to do with a particular statistic produced by our boy Aaron Bronsteter.

This got me thinking…what else can extract from Greg Sansone’s twitter usage? MK, the better-half is at conference today so I had some time on my hands to do some research. So, for all the TimandSid-izens out there, I present you with #JustTheFacts #CalmDown

Sansone’s Tweet Timeline

This one ties in with Bronsteter’s stat above and it just gives the TimandSid-izens a visual.
Interesting Notes:
1. Sansone had 89 tweets in the month of July and already has 54 tweets in the first week of August.
2. Right now Greg is averaging 2.7 tweets per day.

Sansone’s Tweet Density

Interesting Notes:
1. Greg likes to tweet after lunch.
2. It appears that Monday mornings are the slowest. There’s a good chance Greg is in meetings, etc.

Sansone’s Daily Tweets and Hourly Tweets

Interesting Notes:
1. Most of Greg’s tweets have come on Sundays (63 Tweets) and Fridays (56 Tweets) 
2. Sansone likes to tweet between 9PM – 10PM (53 Tweets) 

Sansone’s Device Choices, Replies, and Retweets

Interesting Notes:
1. Greg likes to tweet theScore‘s Mauro Ranallo and Tim and Sid: Uncut. I would consider him a TimandSid-izen at this point.
2. Most of Sansone’s “140 characters of gold” usually takes place on his Blackberry device.
3. The V.P. of theScore‘s Television Network likes to retweet items from the upcoming DRAFTED 3 series, theScore, and Jimmy Korderas.

Other Notable Statistics and Facts
1. Top five words used by Greg Sansone? RT, Game, Thanks, People, NFL
2. Top five hashtags used by Sansone? #Wrestling, #Scoreonthenfl, #shkeef, #twittervirus, #vaffanculo 

So TimandSid-izens, I’d suggest you follow Greg Sansone because he’s a barrel of laughs and can create funnies with only 140 characters. You can follow our boy at @GregSansone.

And don’t worry, Friday’s review is in progress and should be up later today. From Tim and Sid: Uncut, we hope you’re all having an awesome Saturday.


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