Patrick Ewing Raises You $100 “Wiz Bucks”

As discussed on several Tim and Sid: Uncut episodes over the last few months, a big topic between Tim and Sid is in regards to the impending NBA Lockout and what players are doing to make their “dollar, dollar bills y’all”. Deron Williams is on his way to Besiktas (Turkey), Sasha Vujacic signed a one-year deal with Anadolu Efes (Turkey), and Jordan Farmar is dressing for Maccabi Tel Aviv (Israel) in the Fall. Shit, even Brandon Jennings is doing what he can by picking up a Summer internship at Under Armour.

But rather than MAKING money, what not try to SAVE some money? In the early 90’s, it seems like Patrick Ewing and his fellow Knicks were on to something with Wiz Bucks. Wiz Bucks was the idea of an electronic store chain called The Wiz whose locations were primarily in the New York and New Jersey area. During that time, they used to run an advertising ad campaign called “Noboby Beats The Wiz” and was a major sponsor for most of the New York franchises, including the Knicks.

Wiz Bucks were basically cut-out coupons that could be used at your nearest The Wiz store.

For the players sake, let’s bring back The Wiz!


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