#CUTorUNCUT. Getting Thrown Out Of Rogers Centre For Throwing Back A Home Run?

I was in the process of checking the status for Tim and Sid: Uncut‘s Facebook page and a big shout-out to the TimandSid-izens who’ve been “Liking” the page recently. We’re still 150 short of the 1000 fan goal, but it’s been climbing one day at a time. So again, big-ups for those who’ve joined! If you haven’t, check it out here. But the reason for this evening’s entry comes from a posting on the Tim and Sid: Uncut Facebook page (Jun/2011) from a longtime listener of the show and TimandSid-izen, Stevie Moose:

“On Sunday at the Jays vs Red Sox game I caught David Ortiz’s homerun ball in the 5th inning…barehanded!!! (see photo above). As a massive jays/baseball fan I did the thing any true fan would do, I ‘threw it back’. An inning later a security guard came to talk to me and explained to me that I needed to leave immediately because I threw something on the field. I said to him “yeah, but it was the opposing team homerun ball…this happens everyday in baseball around the league” Security then told me that this is the same offense as someone running on the field (which is not true…fans who run on the field get throw in jail for a night, fined and banned from the dome for life!!!) I was then escored outta the dome by a secuirty guard & 2 cops while my entire section boo’d them and chanted “let him stay!!”. My ban was for that day and that day only. And if i were to try to come back inside the dome i woulda been charged for tresspassing. Getting thrown outta the game for throwing the opposing team’s homerun ball back.”


Wow. Shitty situation. I understand throwing back a home-run ball by the opposing team is a big Chicago Cubs tradition and it happens at many other ball fields, but to be removed from a game for doing it at a Toronto Blue Jays game? Is this how things go down at a Jays game? If this story went down as it did, I think it sounds pretty CUT to me.


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