Let’s See Kevin Durant Drop 61 On These Street Courts!

I’m a transplanted Newfoundlander from St. John’s – as far East as you’re going to get in Canada. We have fresh air, fish, nice people, and some of the coolest b-ball courts in the world. Our biggest basketball export was the one and only Carl English (member of Team Canada). With all the news lately about Kevin Durant’s World Tour and his phenomenal streetball skills on Tim and Sid: Uncut, it got me thinking, could Durant hang with the crew from the Joe Batt’s Arm, Portugal Cove, Topsail Beach, and Dildo (via multiple Goggle searches)?

All I ever needed was a ball and sneakers. In my opinion, Rucker Park ain’t got nothin’ on the East Coast. Let’s see if Durantula drops 61 points here.


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