Steve Williams Throw Out A Diss, Dave Coulson Gets Burned On Updates, & Greg Sansone Is In-studio

“Jackson’s ready for action.
Stevie gets sassy.
And the Dow goes down.
(Sid: Yikes, #WTF?)
(Tim: #GettinUgly)
(Sid: Your voice is like Velvet Peanut Butter. Have I told you that?)
Famous run that ish!”

Another weekend has come and gone and Monday has crept up on us like a ninja in the night. At least we had Tim and Sid: Uncut this afternoon to ease those early week blahs. So welcome TimandSidi-zens to another review for August 8th, 2011. Sid sounded amped to start, Tim’s stomach issues seemed to have cleared up, and the boys behind the glass, Noon and Bronsteter, had their fingers ready to fire off some soundbites. In regards to Pizzo, he’s still somewhere in Mexico working cartel stuff. Some of the topics up for discussion today that may or may not be addressed include: Rashad Evans, DeSean Jackson, Shannon Sharpe, Brett Lawrie, Adam Scott, A-Rod, Stephen Strasburg, Deion Sanders, Tito Ortiz, and the SAP (Standard & Poor).

Micallef Got An A in AoC: Economics
As you’re already aware, before the boys get into any sports discussion, they usually begin each show with the “news of the day” and give listeners a look into what’s happening around the world. The big news to come out this afternoon involved the TSX and the Dow Jones. News surfaced that global stocks tumbled as investors fled on the first trading day after the SAP was downgraded in the U.S. Stocks plunged with the S&P down more than 6% for its largest drop in nearly three years. With the report surfacing, twitter seemed to blow-up and according to Tim, “everyone on twitter thought they were an economist.” Even though Tim received an A in AoC: Economics, he still finds it frustrating to see people on tweeter explaining the Dow Jones while using words that half of us don’t use. If you’re attempting to educate people on how the TSX and Dow Jones operate, analysts and know-it-alls need to use words that are used on a regular basis. “I listened to Ali Velshi and that’s all I need to know.” replied Sid.

Seixeiro goes on to ask Bronsteter for the TSX and our favourite producer apparently gives Sid the “I may as well asked him to give me one of his kidneys.” said Sid. From Bronsteter’s google search, it looks like the TSX dropped 1000 points in three days and lost just over 392 points today. The SAP on Friday caused complete chaos; despite the fact that they messed up their number. “How can you mess up your numbers and downgrade a credit rating?” asks Sid. As mentioned above, Ali Velshi helped Sid understand what the hell was going on and the former t.v. reporter was able to break it down: If there’s a couple a home about to pay the mortgage, the bank doesn’t see that. If they’re also having violent fights in their home, the bank doesn’t see that. The bank just wants to see the mortgage getting paid; they don’t give a crap about anything else. Well the bank saw some in-house fighting among Congress and when the bank sees that, they’re going to downgrade them.”
Before they end all the economy talk, Tim mentions that he’s also a little disappointed with this news because he just put some money in; diversified his portfolio, and now he’s worried his interest rates will be terrible. “Some people lost their shirts today and on Friday.” says Sid. “And if Italy goes down, we’re all in trouble.” responded Tim.

Greg Sansone’s Match-Game
To tie in with the recent news of the TSX and Dow Jones, Greg Sansone; V.P. of theScore Television Network, comes through with a brilliant match-game.

Some of the great responses included:
1. Tim’s pants from last week (Noon)
2. Whoever created the monstrosity in theScore bathroom (Sid)
3. Tim Micallef after chicken souvlaki (Sean)
4. Canada’s FIFA rankings (Noon)
5. My ex-girlfriend (Paul)
7. Rebecca Black’s career (Bronsteter)
8. Your boy who asked for horns last week (Ross)

theScore On Sirius & Tim and Sid: Uncut
As most of the TimandSid-izens are aware, as of September 1st, 2011, theScore Radio will no longer exist. As mentioned last week Sirius has decided to pull the plug on the radio station. With XM and Sirius about to be one in Canada, Sirius have decided that there is no need to keep theScore Radio. “What happened to it’s stock today Tim?” asked Sid sarcastically. Both boys agree – Don’t invest in theScore Radio at this time! Tim goes on to mention that while they can’t do anything on their end, as a listener, WE can do something.
In Canada: 1-888-539-7474
In the U.S: 1-866-635-2349
The boys do go on to say that as TimandSid-izens, we shouldn’t worry about not getting our Tim and Sid: Uncut fix. The show will continue after September 1st through iTunes, podcasts, and possibly through webcasts with a live chat room (still under negotiations).

Tiger Woods, Steve Williams, or Adam Scott?
In the first discussion of sports, Tim asks Sid what the biggest story in sports was this weekend. Sid figures it has to be what transpired at the golf course and it sounds like both guys are on the same page and agree that in the middle of August, this is what has to be talked about. While it was Adam Scott who went on to win the Bridgestone Invitational this past weekend, the bigger story to come out of the tourney seemed to be the one revolving around Tiger Woods and his ex-caddie, Steve Williams. Debate between Tim and Sid surrounds what happened after Scott secured the win. Williams, now working for Scott, did a scrum right after the 18th hole – he was the second interview after the winner.

For a caddie whose helped win numerous titles and whose won millions of dollars while under Tiger, Sid did not like the comments made by Williams. “If Steve Williams today or tomorrow wants to pop off, he’s got a reason too. But in that moment, it was a wildly selfish maneuver from Steve Williams’ perspective. Hey Steve, here’s a phrase for you – “No comment.” It’s the kid’s moment. Adam Scott won the tournament. You didn’t shot 65, he did. It’s not your day. What the hell is wrong with you?” said Sid. Tim attempts to play devil’s advocate by suggesting that Williams might never have another time to talk but Sid isn’t buying that argument. “The timing made him look small and petty because it wasn’t his moment. It makes him look smaller.” Sid then goes on to say, “In a way I’m glad it happened. It’s a window into a guy’s mind that’s Steve Williams. He’s a bitter, insecure guy.” Tim suggests that maybe they bring in Sansone to discuss the matter and Sid agrees with him and throws out some trash talk, “Bring him in. I’d like to eat someone alive on this debate. I could be wrong with this, but I doubt it. The timing was just unprofessional.”

Interesting Facts From Dave Coulson’s Updates
Before Coulson can get to his updates, Sid asks the update newby what it’s like being Pizzo for the short period of time. According to Coulson, he’s having a great time so far, but is kind of upset that Bronsteter can’t even get his name of the show’s script – it still says Pizzo on it. “So it’s your third day in and you’re already complaining about Bronsteter. Welcome to the team.” replies Sid.

1.  Luis Castillo, once a bat boy for the New York Yankees from 1998 to 2005, has a so-called tell-all book coming out called Clubhouse Confidential in which he offers some interesting tales from the behind the scenes. Some of the highlights from the book include:
– Derek Jeter as he greeted the bat boys, “How’re you doin’, bitaches?”
– Hideki Matsui during a pre-game exchange of the 2004 ALCS on what the team was going to do, “Kick ass. Pop champagne and get some ho’s!”
Sid’s already convinced that the book is going to suck. While the stories are cute, they don’t spill any major dirt.
2. Real Madrid have signed a 7-year old Argentine boy named Leonel Angel Coira who will begin training on September 6th of this year. The 7-year old have lived in Madrid for the past three years and his favourite player is Lionel Messi. Coulson is kind of shocked by this news but Tim and Sid seem to tear his update apart because signing kids at this age or close to it is a common occurrence. “It just means he’s going to a youth academy.” said Tim.
3. Chicago Bulls Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman just came out with the Gtox Milkshake. Gtox contains antioxidants and glucarate which is supposed to create a fast recovery and efficient liver detox from alcohol consumption. Coulson also mentions that the the milkshake will be great for hangovers after it was tested by subjects handpicked by Rodman. Sid suggests that he’s a bit of a wimp when he comes to hangovers, but Micallef handles them like a pro – drinking water is Tim’s remedy.

Greg Sansone Breaks Down Steve Williams And Shkeef
As promised, the boys bring in theScore‘s V.P of Television, Greg Sansone, for a little Steve Williams debate. Sansone starts off though by proclaiming his love for twitter, “It’s my thoughts unfiltered…In real life, we’ve become so afraid to say what we feel and this ties in with Steve Williams.” Greg doesn’t think that it was Adam Scott’s moment; it was Steve Williams’ and everyone was waiting to see what he’d have to say after helping Scott win the tournament. The boys jar back and forth and Sid continues to stand by his comments, “When you get off of 18, you need to check yourself.” By this point, Tim seems to be agreeing with Sansone and in attempt to change the Portuguese beast’s mind, Greg asks Sid what story he would of been looking for had he sent him down there to cover the tournament. Again, it’s a failed attempt because Sid thinks timing had everything to do with it and Williams should of just said “no comment”.

Sansone continues to say that he loved Steve Williams’ answer because it was honest. “We want honesty, but we’re shocked when we get it…We bitch about Tiger, we bitch about LeBron, we talk about A-Rod and say we’re tired of it, but we love them. We love them because they make our jobs so much better.” says Sansone. “Do you know the difference between Steve Williams and that group though? They’re athletes.” responds Sid.

By minute 45, it’s obvious that no one is changing Sid’s mind so the topic of Shkeef comes up. I myself am interested in this section in particular because I had a little twitter conversation with Sansone last week and he was able to get some things straight for me about the word. According to Greg, Shkeef: is filth and things that are gross and dirty. There’s spin-offs and adaptations; it can be used many ways and works in many ways; commonly used as a verb. Before Sansone disappears from the studio, he introduces his next tweet and asks Tim and Sid whether or not it’s a good one.

Gold Sansone! Gold! Greg promises to throw out another one before the end of the show.

Ricky Williams and the NFL Hall of Fame
The Baltimore Ravens have agreed to terms with running back Ricky Williams. Williams, a former Miami Dolphins, will act as backup to Ray Rice after the Ravens cut Willis McGahee, who then signed with the Denver Broncos. Tim believes this is a good spot for Ricky and “he’s going to steal some carries away from Rice.” The boys also believe that the Ravens will use Williams the same way they used McGahee. Sid further explains that while Williams could help, it seems like a step back; Seixeiro liked McGahee over Williams. And other news to break in the NFL today were:
1. DeSean Jackson ended his holdout
2. Peter King throws out the rumours that Brett Favre is considering returning to the NFL 

As time was running out for the show, Tim and Sid quickly get into some discussion on the NFL Hall of Fame Induction that took place over the weekend. “Some amazing moments and some disappointing speeches.” says Sid. Some of the highlights and lowlights for the boys included:
1. The Shannon Sharpe film was revealing. Most of his speech and film introduction involved his family and not football; a crazy part involved how his Nan passed away the day before the interview.
2. Tim thought Deion Sanders had the best speech of the night; including the do-rag.
3. They agreed that Marshall Faulk’s speech was a disaster. Tim and Sid both found it strange that Faulk and Sanders had their agent introduce them.  
4. Sid thought another funny part of the night was that during Sharpe’s speech, John Elway was texting.  
5. One of the greatest speeches belonged to Richard Dent of the Chicago Bears. He told his story of being dropped off at Tennessee by his high school coaches and some of the struggles he face.
6. In relation to No. 5, Tim thought it was crazy for Deion Sanders to discuss all the hurdles he had to go through. “Hurdles? What hurdles? What the “F” are you talking about?…You were the second overall pick, you ran a 4.19, you didn’t have any detractors.”
7. Sid loved when Marshall Faulk called his kids the “Little Faulkers”

Rapid Fire
Before Bronsteter throws out some Rapid Fire questions for all the TimandSid-izens, he reads out another tweet from Greg Sansone.

1. Bill Parcells and Bill Cowher are eligible for the NFL Hall of Fame next year. Who do you think is the most deserving? Tim and Sid seem to go with Parcells and I agree with them 100%. Cowher has done a lot of things in his career, but for me personally, Parcells’ soundbites were always one of the best.
2. Alex Meruelo, who’s buying the Atlanta Hawks is the founder of a pizza chain called La Pizza Loca which has a 1 topping 32 slice pizza for $10. If you could choose one topping for any pizza, what would it be? Italian Ham!
3. DeMarcus Cousins got a tattoo on his leg that says mis-understood. If you got a tattoo that would describe you in one word, what would it be? Sid thinks his might say #WhyDoesSidHate. I don’t have a sweet clue as to what I’d get on my body.

Another solid show by the guys today. With regards to the first segment, I’m not going to lie, but until Sid brought up the “banks don’t see couples fighting” I was bored sh**tless. Up until that point, I wasn’t entirely sure what they were talking about and I’m glad Sid put the Dow Jones news into words that I could understand. Steve Williams took up most of the first segment and great points were made by both Tim and Sid. But I could tell that Sid was not budging on his belief that Williams was being a complete douche. I’ll give an A to Coulson for today’s updates. Not because they were any good, but because he handled Tim and Sid destroying his updates with class. He could of pulled a Pizzo and swore, but he hung in there, smiled, and laughed. Again, Sansone brought some humour to the show and it was interesting to hear his take on the Steve Williams’ comments – I also liked that he cleared up the issue of “what exactly is shkeef?” Finally, a pretty good Rapid Fire by Bronsteter spells a successful show for everyone. 9/10. 


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