MK Spits In The Face Of Seixeiro! #NotInvolved

From May 28th, 2011

This morning, Sid went to Tim Hortons for his usual coffee. As he was pulling into the parking lot, there was another car leaving at the same time and Sid noticed that a woman in the passenger side of the vehicle had her barefeet on the dashboard – exposed for Sid to see. “Feet can go fuck themselves. It’s alright maybe with a little skirt or in stilettos, but you know how to be white trash? Expose your feet.”

MK, my better-half, had heard this particular episode and during a road trip a few weeks ago seemed to throw down as she said, “Ask Sid how white trash I am now!” very sarcastically. I would have given her horns there, but I don’t have the same equipment as Bronsteter. She’ll probably kill me for putting this – I’ll take the beating.


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