Rob Pizzo, Puck Papa, & Cartel Operations: What Our Boy Is Really Doing Down South

It’s been almost two weeks now since anyone has heard from Pizzo, the man responsible for Updates during Tim and Sid: Uncut. Coulson has been doing a pretty good job with filling in, but I received a few emails/tweets over the weekend from listeners of both Tim and Sid: Uncut and Puck Daddy Radio asking where Rob was and when he was going to be back. Before he left, Pizzo said that he was off to Mexico for his brother’s wedding, but Seixeiro let it slip a couple of times last week that Rob was actually down South for some cartel operation. To get those up-to-date, I decoded some of Rob’s tweets and hopefully, on behalf of all his fans, our boy makes it back safe.

On the way to the airport with my brother Jay Pizzo for a trip down to Mexico. Unfortunately, reception is bad in our warehouses where we store our weapons – so it sucks to be you if I don’t respond right away.

I’ve found a way to smuggle drugs back from Mexico. I’ll attempt to deposit the drugs in several roosters I bought at a cockfight yesterday #CokeTurkey

Off to kidnap some tourists, highjack some cars, and hide weapons underground. #MexicoIsAmazing

Good looking cartel. It’s a shame I have to leave my crew in a couple of days #WillMissYouPedro


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