Like A Templar Knight, Sid Seixeiro Takes To The Field For Rock The Pitch

Like a Jedi Knight, no…better than that, a Templar Knight. This is a flash of pure inspiration and let me tip my hat to the genesis of this goal, Seixeiro…This is a bravado of a goooooooooooooaaal.

Athletes for Africa is Canada’s only athlete driven organization dedicated to making a difference in Africa’s most under-developed regions. The organization is not exporting sport, but using sport to help fundraise and support the infrastructure projects and sustainable development solutions Africa needs to help with poverty, famine, and disease.

Along with several other Score employees, Tim and Sid: Uncut-ville residents Sid Seixeiro and Nadine Liverpool are also taking part in the event and will be part of the Footy Show FC roster. At this point I have no idea what position Seixeiro will be playing – I almost picture him as a Finisher; a forward/striker who has the ability to “put away” or score when Dobby or Sharman give him the ball. Maybe somewhere he doesn’t have to run that much?

Micallef was actually part of the event last year and was the goal keeper. You can check out coverage of the event by clicking here and from the looks of it, there was no way in hell Uncle Timmy was going to drop any lyrical masterpieces for Paul Brothers.

But if you want to support the Tim and Sid: Uncut crew or any other of theScore members on the Footy Show FC roster, it’s for a good cause. The action takes place on Saturday August 20th, 2011 9:00am at Lamport Stadium and I’m pretty Sid won’t be signing autographs.


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