Then and Now: The Very First Tim and Sid: Uncut Review

I had a funny email from TimandSid-izen Nathan Jones last week (he said it was okay to give him a shout-out) suggesting that I should post the very first Tim and Sid: Uncut review ever done – just to compare how they were written then to now. Wow – what a difference. From the looks of it below, it may have only taken me 30 mintues to complete. The reviews were short, the graphics were small, and it definitely lacked content.

So check it out, it’s pretty entertaining…if anything, it brings back some great memories.

Tim and Sid: Uncut Review from April 23rd, 2011

Kung Fu & Vagine-aholics

After an eventful Easter weekend, the boys behind Tim and Sid: Uncut came out swinging. With all the parity that has been taking place in the NBA and NHL playoffs, there was no shortage of topics – from Luongo getting benched and Chris Paul putting up Superman numbers, 1 hr. just didn’t seem long enough.

But with most T & S shows, the boys tend to begin discussion with what I like to call, “The Warmup” (a random topic or discussion that warrants immediate attention). In today’s case, someone tweeted asking for Tim, Sid, and DJ to attend their upcoming wedding. A funny intro. and it definitely shows how much these guys are loved, but if I ever suggested such a thing (I get married in Dec.2011), my fiancee would probably respond with a “Hells no! #You’reF’nNuts.” Sorry guys, no invite this way.

Are the Canucks Having Their Period?
The big topic of today’s show surrounded around the goalie change in game 6 between the Vancouver Canucks and Chicago Blackhawks. In something that could only be scripted in a reality t.v. show, Canucks starter Roberto Luongo was benched in favour of seldom used goalie (25 gms.) Cory Schneider. After serveral subpar performances from Luongo, the Blackhawks had climbed back into the series after being down 3-0 and Vigneault was in favor of changing it up. There were reports that diva Luongo then proceeded to sulk in the locker room and didn’t even warm up. The kicker of this whole situation was that Schneider cramped up and had to be replaced later in the game. It’s bad enough that you just mind-fucked your starting goaltender, but now you’re asking him to enter the game. And what the hell Schneider? You’re a professional athlete, thrown into one of the biggest games of your career, and you have dehydration issues? Drink some damn water.

Tim and Sid both had some very good points and questions regarding the Canucks decision and the possible outcome should the Canucks lose in game 7. Did they make the goalie change due to the pressue/paranoia? Where the fuck are the Sedins? Does Vigneault lose his job if the Blackhawks come back from a 3-0 deficit? What about Lui? He’s contracted until 2022? My own thought is that if the Canucks lose tonight, the city of Vancouver is going to burn, Detroit style.

Some interesting facts from Pizzo’s update:
1. Pizzo is not a Turkey guy. WTF Pizzo? Let me guess, you don’t like babies too.
2. Bosh’s possible marriage was discussed and it’s apparent that Tim has some built up anger against Bosh. Then again, so do I – he’s a bitch.
3. Tim hates it when Sid leaves the booth for any period of time.

The Beastie Boys’ new album was briefly discussed. Their “Fight For Your Right – Revisited” is a huge hit online. I’d advise checking it out when you get a chance.

NBA Playoffs
Tim generally brings the heat when it comes to NBA talk. Today was no different – big ticket items including his man crush on Chris Paul (I can’t blame him), Celtics sweep, and the Raptors cast-offs. As a Toronto fan, this topic burns me especially. Personally, it clearly shows a lack of ability on management’s part to efficiently use the guys they bring in. Another interesting tidbit from this segment was Tim’s discussion on how “Delonte West is better than any of the Miami Heat’s guards.” I fully agree with him 100% – but what intrigues me more is the reunion of West and Jame’s mom. Do they have a pre-game quicke at the nearest 7-11?

Rapid Fire
Great, random rapid fire from Bronsteter…….
EA’s Madden Cover: I’d like to see Michael Vick on there personally.
Tiger Jam: Sounds like a pornstar’s dream. Apparently Urban and Mayer are performing. Question was who gets the most vagine? I think it’s more about quality really and something that Mayer out does Urban on. Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson to name a few.
Arrow vs. Skor: I’m an Arrow guy. Skor can get stuck in your teeth

Great show by the Tim and Sid: Uncut team. Would have liked to have heard Bronsteter or Pizzo a bit more – 3 way conversations seem to be when the show is at it’s funniest. 9/10


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